Metal Chip Machinery adds Muratec equipment to portfolio

Metal Chip Machinery, a provider of precision electric CNC press brakes, welding, laser and plasma cutting machines has announced that the company has been appointed as the South African agent for the Muratec brand of machinery.

“Muratec is a well-known Japanese brand of equipment that has been associated with the metal industry since 1935. Muratec, which is synonymous with fabrication equipment, CNC turning equipment, industrial automation and reliability across an extensive product line, is a brand solely manufactured by Murata Machinery Ltd,” explained Malcolm Moriarty, owner of Metal Chip Machinery.

“Although there are some Muratec machines in South Africa, they have never formally been represented locally. In our portfolio of products that we offer we don’t represent anybody that manufactures sheet metal machinery such as CNC laser punch combination and turret punch presses, which Murata do,” continued Moriarty.

“The roots of the Muratec sheet metal machinery department can be traced back to 1970, when they joined up with the Wiedemann Division of the Warner & Swasey Company, a company that was established in Philadelphia, USA in 1916, and released the world’s first CNC turret punch press. After that, they have pursued product development and released new products one after another, including plasma arc combined machines and laser combined machines, and also construction of large-scale flexible manufacturing systems. Wiedemann still exists today as Murata Machinery USA.”

“Sheet metal processed products realise value by going through many subsequent processes of not only punching, bending and other machining, but also welding and assembly. Efficient creation of this value requires a manufacturing perspective with all processes taken into consideration. Muratec develop processing machines and systems based on such a perspective, and also offer recommendations for total optimisation of machining processes, including reviews of processes and methods, while sharing customer concerns. Through the pursuit of total optimisation, Muratec will continue to contribute to customers’ value creation.”

“Muratec introduced the world’s first servo driven punch press in 1994. Since then their industry leading technology has evolved to meet the next generation’s needs.”

“Built on the tradition of innovation and reliability, Muratec’s fabrication solutions enable sheet metal manufacturers the flexibility to rapidly integrate processes that improve productivity. Additionally, Muratec’s turret punch press and fiber laser machines pair seamlessly with intuitive material handling automation to deliver turnkey systems driven by efficiency.”

“The M2048TS is a servo-driven punch press within the Muratec 22-ton machine series. Incorporating the latest ram drive design, this machine is simpler and more rigid than similar models on the market. With this technology, it allows for high production speeds with energy efficient operation and reduced maintenance costs. The M2048TS is designed with a large turret, which provides more stations for greater flexibility and increased productivity. This machine provides an economical solution to parts production requiring punching, forming, tapping, and deburring operations.”

“With a 200kN capacity and a servo motor driven ram the machine processes sheet sizes of 1 250mm by 2 500mm.

“Completely unlike traditional drive systems, the Motorum Series, of which the M2048TS punch press is part of, adopts a Muratec original ram drive with a toggle mechanism driven by a servo-motor. This series provides users with optimised control of the ram shaft speed, low noise, and high-speed processing.”

“All machines in our Motorum series are developed with Murata Machinery’s HMI Intelligent Control Interface, which minimises operator setup to improve machine production time. Muratec also provide assistance for tool changes, turret load monitoring, scheduling, and tool maintenance, as well as other features that maximise the machine’s uptime. This high-speed punch press offers shorter production times, quieter operations, and greater turret capacity.”

“We will be concentrating on the turret punch presses and laser punch combination machines, although they do manufacture fiber lasers up to 6kW and press brakes.”

CNC turning
“Muratec also manufacture an extensive line of CNC turning machines The Murata Machinery Turning Division offers automated turning centers and machines with twin and single-spindle lathes, twin opposing spindle lathes and vertical spindle lathes, all of which are equipped with automated parts loading and uploading gantry robot system.”

“We will also have access to these machines and the automation systems and automated material handling systems that they manufacture.”

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