Messer Cutting Systems’ MetalMaster Xcel

Cutting processes are plasma and fiber laser.

Messer Cutting Systems’ new high performance cutting machine, the MetalMaster Xcel has fast process cycles, high acceleration and even better cutting quality and accuracy through smooth guidance from the helical gearing and linear guides, says the company.

Options for the new MetalMaster Xcel include the new plasma bevel cutting unit Bevel-R with the latest plasma systems as well as fiber laser cutting, which can be combined with plasma cutting, not only on one plane but in one part (e.g. internal precision cuts with laser, less critical cuts with plasma for higher cutting speeds). The cutting processes, plasma and fiber laser, can also be complemented by optional marking processes. A conveyor belt table with an integrated machine track to ensure easy access for loading and unloading and a belt feeder to remove small parts and slag saves auxiliary operating times further increasing productivity.

Bevel-R compact plasma bevel unit with 5-axis
Messer Cutting Systems’ Bevel-R can accurately cut bevel profiles (non-vertical) on almost any contour. When programmed to cut a bevel angle, the angle offset, compensation and feed-rate are controlled by the same NC part programmes, while other parameters are input by a database. The system is used to create contour bevels of V, X or Y for weld-preparation surfaces or for active cutting edges like on earth engagement tools. Bevel and land edge configurations can be created via multiple passes.

Process integration in plate cutting: Integration of software, cutting machine and ERP into business processes
With the new software product family OmniFab Messer Cutting Systems’ offers a modular solution connecting all systems and to enable the automated document exchange. The Factory Data Capture module enables flow of all shop floor information from production back into the ERP system and production management. The module Machine Insight automatically collects all-important data from your Messer cutting machine during production and enables the monitoring of machines and the analysis of operational key figures like equipment effectiveness.

Software: Design, nesting, bevel cutting
OmniWin 2018 is a simple, clear and fast designing and nesting software, which adapts intelligently to your machine and your cutting needs. It takes over all cutting tasks for order-based production with CNC thermal cutting machines.

OmniWin 2018 is effective and economical for small production runs in the machine and manufacturing industry, as well as in just-in-time manufacturing with changing quantities at custom cutting operations. You save time and materials and work with easy operations. OmniWin 2018 is the ideal tool for production planning with thermal cutting for oxyfuel, plasma and laser cutting with CNC machines.

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