Messer Cutting Systems makes entry easy with SmartBlade

Cutting machines need space and are expensive to procure and run. With a new plasma cutting machine, Messer Cutting Systems GmbH supplies a powerful counter argument: The SmartBlade. The fact that affordable entry level models can also give savings in performance in economy mode refers only to the purchase price and running costs but not to the cutting performance or quality.

“If you have limited production area available you have to manage it well. We have conceived the SmartBlade for just such applications in small workshops. In doing so, we have not neglected the virtues of our ‘big’ plasma cutting machines but have incorporated all the advantages for which our customers value our machines in the entry level model,” explains Abraham Balendran, Product Manager Messer Cutting Systems Europa.

Thought implemented from the operator’s point of view
Flexible working has many facets. An important aspect of it is to make it as easy as possible for the operator to programme and set up the machine. The Messer engineers placed particularly high value on this during the conception of the SmartBlade.

“This is reflected in the simple operation which leaves no open questions thanks to the tried and tested CNC system Global Control and the CNC software OmniWin. This means that the operator can concentrate completely on the desired cut quality and that is precisely where the SmartBlade delivers unrestricted good results,” said Balendran

It makes no difference now whether mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium are to be cut. The SmartBlade is perfectly cast for all requirements of plasma cutting up to 15mm plate thickness, from simple up to complex cuts. For example, if side walls for ventilation systems, cut shapes for metal covers or holders need to be cut then such jobs can be produced quickly and easily with the SmartBlade.

Solid as a rock
The working width of the SmartBlade of 1.5m and a working length of maximum 3m open up many possibilities for the user. What is more, the machine is not easily brought out of equilibrium. The bridge and table form one unit and thus ensure good static characteristics. Combined with the twin-sided longitudinal drive, the SmartBlade user can benefit from enormous precision and high-quality cuts.

Reliable production at favourable costs
“With the SmartBlade we want to confirm that entry into plasma cutting does not have to be expensive. At the same time, the model proves that operating costs can stay low if long-lived, low maintenance components are used. For example, our collision recognition and magnetic torch holder help to minimise torch damage. With the result of improving the competitive advantage of our customers!” comments Abraham Balendran.

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