Mecad Manufacturing continues with its informative and insightful blog

In order to stay competitive, businesses and their leaders must find new ways to make better decisions faster. A critical part of this is establishing visibility, or making sure the right people have access to the right information at the right time – in real time.

With so many avenues to engage with clients and potential clients competing for visibility in today’s world can be challenging especially when the experts say visitors to a website form an impression about it (and the company behind it) in 50 thousandths of a second. As a result the Internet of Things has seen an explosion of ‘experts’, ‘journalists’, ‘writers’ and many more.

Therefore, don’t cringe when I mention the word blog. I’m not particularly fond of the word blog (short for Web log). And not all blogs add value to the Web-exploring experience. Some offer keen insight about certain topics, yet others simply serve as an e-soapbox enabling their owners to spout opinions and cite ‘facts’ related to politics, pop culture and plenty of other stuff.

Put aside any preconceived notions you have about blogs for a moment and focus on how they function. A private, internal blog may be an effective means to improve communication and retain important information. Likewise, an external blog could be the vehicle for those that are hungry for the ‘secret sauce’ that will improve their business conditions.

But like a website that has to be kept up-to-date, engaging and interesting, a blog has to fulfil the same function. What it will say about your company or you as an individual is that you are striving to stay ahead of changing times, you are willing to put an extra effort into something others avoid (so imagine what it will do for a customer) and you are proud of your brand, and not inclined to cut corners when the impression of that brand is at stake.

Last year (2019) Pieter Gouws, an application engineer and Mastercam CNC programmer at Mecad Manufacturing began writing and posting a blog on the company’s website and on LinkedIn to keep interested readers informed on how to use the functions of the Mastercam software programmes more effectively.

The blog covers timely topics and practical tips for improving shop floor productivity and comes up with inventive and additional insights into the work and business of metalworking. Regular topics include innovations, newly posted products, the latest videos and more that you might find helpful for learning about new manufacturing technology and ideas.

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