Mazak’s new QTE turning center Series: First machines to be equipped with SmoothEz, the latest generation of Mazatrol CNC

A new easy-to-use turning center with a revolutionary CNC for simple setup, operation and programming has been launched by Mazak. The new QTE Series of high-speed, high-accuracy CNC turning centers from Mazak are the first machines to be equipped with SmoothEz, the latest generation of Mazatrol CNC.

Mazatrol SmoothEz CNC combines three easy features – Ez Machining, Ez Operation and Ez Setup – to deliver outstanding productivity, accuracy and, in turn, profitability.

Ez Machining offers machine users high-speed, high-accuracy machining with thermal compensation control, delivered by Mazak’s Thermal Shield, to maximise accuracy by automatically compensating for temperature changes in the machining area.

Ez Operation includes Quick Mazatrol for fast conversational programming with a 15″ touch screen and intuitive operating system that can be customised according to the operator’s preference.

By integrating Mazak’s Smooth CAM Ai and Mazatrol Twins a virtual copy of the machine can be replicated in the office for enhanced setup. Collective management of machine data is synchronised between the factory and office with Smooth Project Manager to conveniently manage data required to execute machining programmes, including tool data, workholding, system coordination, parameters and workpiece 3D models.

Additionally, Smooth CAM Ai can dramatically reduce programming time with Solid Mazatrol to automatically generate a programme from a 3D model using AI deep- learning to determine the optimal process from past programmes.

The simple and compact QTE Series, which is manufactured in Mazak’s Singapore factory, is designed to fit into even the smallest machine shop, but with no compromise on power.

The QTE Series is equipped with a powerful 5 000rpm built-in spindle motor that is capable of ultra-high-speed acceleration and deceleration delivering high-efficiency, high-accuracy machining.

Since there is no loss of power through mechanical transmission, the built-in motor delivers more power during cutting, while vibration is minimised during high-speed operation to ensure exceptional surface finishes and maximum tool life.

Two turret selections are available with a 12-position drum turret as standard and an 8-position turret as an option. Each utilise a 25mm turning tool shank size.

The QTE Series also comes equipped with an NC tailstock, providing support for the workpiece during the machining process, to improve accuracy and workpiece finish. The tailstock is controlled by servo motor and ball screw, a method that is much superior to manual carriage movement or hydraulic / pneumatic positioning.

In addition, the QTE has a tool eye as an option for automatic tool measurement and in-cycle tool breakage. This helps the machine to further enhance productivity and profitability by reducing tool setup time.

The QTE is also equipped with a number of environmentally-friendly and cost-saving measures, including automatically turning off the machine work light and backlight if no operator is present and also the option of automatic chip conveyor stop when the machine is not operating.

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