Mazak enters Swiss-type turning machine market with its new line of Syncrex machines

Mazak further expanded its machine tool technology portfolio with the debut of an all-new line of machines. The Japanese machine builder introduced the turning center at an in-house exhibition at Mazak USA, late last year.

The extremely precise Syncrex models feature seven, eight and nine-axis configurations and are optimised for high-production of small parts. A Swiss CNC machine, also known as a Swiss type lathe or a Swiss automatic lathe, is a modern precision manufacturing machine that can produce extremely small parts quickly and accurately. Very small, slender or delicate components can be produced by Swiss machining in a production volume environment.

These new Swiss-type machines use a collet plus single-motor ball spline drive for heightened accuracy and reduced material waste. A 10 000rpm spindle and a variable vibrating system ensure the utmost in stable, repeatable performance.

In the 9-axis version, the Swiss-type machine has a maximum of 35 tools. The automatic control of the tools is special in that this tool setter measures the tools and adjusts automatically. The technologies that are coming with the Swiss-turn as far as quick-change tooling and offline programming are really driving its adoption. Years ago, running Swiss-type lathes usually involved doing your setups on a Monday and running parts through to Friday. Now you have customers and job shops that are changing setups daily or multiple times a day. Swiss machines have become more of a common job shop-type machine and are really breaking apart from high run production. Many of our customers have come to us looking to take advantage of this technology to achieve shorter cycle times. Plus, Swiss style turning is a better solution for many parts because of its versatility and ability to handle parts with long length-to-diameter ratios.

Until recently, Swiss-type lathes were not part of Mazak’s product portfolio. Outside the US this is still the case, because for now the new Syncrex is only available in the US. The machine is being built in Kentucky, where Mazak USA is located.

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