Mastercam milling innovations: Accelerated Finishing technology

The future of CNC finishing: How Mastercam is changing the game.

Mastercam, one the world’s leading suppliers of mechanical engineering software for cutting and machining professionals has just introduced the new Accelerated Finishing technology. Mastercam worked with the industry’s best tool manufacturers to bring you technology that will change how you work to gain greater efficiency and higher machining productivity, Mastercam said. Using modern innovative profile tools, this technology will reduce finishing cycle times while improving surface finish. According to Mastercam their cutter-specific strategies allow for a large effective cutting radius, even when using small diameter tools. This includes oval form cutters, barrel mills, taper cutters, lens-shaped cutters, and lens barrel form tools.

The traditional finish machining process is often considered to be the most time-consuming and important segment of any CNC milling project. 3D surface finishing can sometimes feel like a compromise between surface quality and cycle time. The higher the quality, the longer the cycle time.

The traditional approach to improving surface finish is decreasing stepover. This has both negative effects on cycle time and NC file size. To achieve much better results without any increase in these factors is to rather increase the cutting-edge radius. Using this approach with a traditional ball endmill can cause problems with reduced reach in areas and the potential for collisions with the model. This is where the new Accelerated Finishing® technology and modern innovative profile tools come in.

Another bonus is that this concept is not limited to Multiaxis but similar benefits can be achieved in 3-axis moulds with drafted walls.

The most flexible, expandable and connected CAM software on the market today
The comprehensive toolpath strategies of Mastercam provide a variety of approaches for programming any part, no matter how complex. In addition, the toolpaths are updated after modifications eliminating rework on your end.

With Mastercam you can build libraries of your favourite machining strategies, reduce programming time by selecting customised operations and applying them to your next job and using the software is fast, easy, and productive.

Whether you are using 2D or 3D milling in your shop, Mastercam will ensure you can use the latest tools paired with future-oriented software helping you to deliver precision craftsmanship that even your toughest customers will appreciate.

“From 2D to 3D milling, Mastercam provides unrivalled solutions. Dynamic Motion technology is available for both 2D and 3D milling packages, which provides any machine shop with game-changing toolpath control. Removing material in one continuous motion without lifting or stopping the machine will dramatically improve cutting efficiency and increase tool life. The Mastercam software itself is virtually bug-free, ensuring more programming efficiency for the machine shop. Mecad Manufacturing also provides genuine value-added support and training to supplement an already great product, ensuring the success of our clients and building relationships along the way,” said Mats Booysen, Product Manager at Mecad Manufacturing.

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