Machine Tool & Design Technology appointed agents for Newall DRO systems and Doall sawing products

Machine Tool & Design Technology, a company that is intrinsically linked with the metalworking industry because of the international equipment manufacturers that the company represents and services in South Africa, has announced that it has been appointed as the agents to market and distribute Newall DRO systems and Doall sawing products.

DRO (digital readout) for milling, boring, turning, grinding, and general machining operations
Newall has specialised for more than 40 years in providing the machine tool and other machinery and production industries with leading edge technologies that increase productivity and machine tool efficiency. The need for a reliable and highly accurate linear encoder led Newall in 1973 to develop its world renowned Spherosyn and Microsyn linear encoders.

Spherosyn incorporates a truly unique design in that none of the electrical or measuring components are exposed to the harsh workshop environment.

Newall’s products also include a wide range of DRO systems, each specifically designed and dedicated to increasing machine productivity. The digital readout range has developed to include some of the most advanced, market-leading readouts available today.

Over the years, Newall has grown to be a well-respected brand leader in digital readout systems and linear encoder technology. Over 85% of Newall’s products are exported, with distribution and service outlets in over 63 countries plus offices located in the US, Europe and Asia. A worldwide network of fully trained sales and service personnel are actively supporting these markets. Newall conforms to ISO 9001:2000, and in 1998, it was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Export Achievement.

Metal cutting band saws, band saw blades and cutting fluids
DoALL Sawing Products, found in thousands of machine shops across the world, range from industrial machines for high production to general purpose, mitre cutting, vertical contour, horizontal structural, circular saws, specialty saws and custom engineered machines.

Founded in 1927 by Leighton A Wilkie, inventor of the first metal cutting band saw, the DoALL Company got its start in manufacturing band saw machines and saw blades. Today, DoALL Sawing Products is the only US manufacturer to offer all the sawing elements including sawing machines, blades, cutting fluids and material handling.

DoALL manufactures manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic metalworking band saws.
Included in the range are horizontal saws, mitre cutting saws, vertical tilt-frame models, horizontal production level band saws and, the latest addition to the sawing machine line-up, circular carbide saws custom tailored for production level environments.

DoALL also offers the most complete line of band saw blades in the industry, including bi-metal, carbide, diamond, carbon and knife-edged leaves. DoALL combines a wide selection of cutting fluids, including soluble oils, semi-synthetic and full-synthetic fluids or direct application (fog) to meet all needs for sawing. DoALL also offers material handling solutions custom designed to be integrated into systems saws, existing or new.

For further details contact Machine Tool & Design Technology on Cell: 076 867 7845 or email