Lubcon greases, oils, pastes and sprays now available in South Africa

Lubcon is a German based manufacturer and developer of highly sophisticated lubricants for all industry segments.

A global research project conducted by a bearing manufacturer shows that more than 50 per cent of premature bearing failures are due to over-lubrication, under-lubrication, mixing of incompatible lubricants, wrong lubricant and lubricant contamination. This has its significant impact on a country’s economy.

With the intention of sharing its global expertise and serving the South African market, Lubricant Consult GmbH (Lubcon), a leader in the manufacture of lubricants for industrial applications, has entered the South African market.

Lubricant Consult GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes high-grade greases, oils, pastes and sprays for nearly all industrial applications and manufacturing sectors. Known under the trademark Lubcon®, the company was founded in 1980 and has since established an extensive network of subsidiaries and sales representatives around the globe.

Lubcon offers sophisticated products for all industrial applications. In close collaboration with reputable machine equipment manufacturers the products are continually subject to development. This assures that the lubricants are perfectly tailored, at any time, to the constantly changing application requirements. Regardless of whether extreme low or high temperatures, humidity, high loads, aggressive environments, lifetime lubrication or extreme speeds, Lubcon offers customers the appropriate tribological solution

Applications for the products are found in aviation and aerospace, cycling, corrugated industry, food, beverage and pharmaceutical, machine tool industry, the paper, printing and textile industry, train, rail and wheel, vacuum and nuclear industry, valves and fittings, wind energy and the wood industry.

Machine tool industry
Digitally automated machines such as CNC machine tools can process various simple and complex operations in a very short amount of time. Industrial machine tools cut, drill and mill at high speeds with up to five movement axes while controlling the machine tool head precisely at 1 micron (µm). Operating conditions such as high shock loads, contamination and pollution with soluble metalworking fluids are just a few reasons for premature equipment failure. A close collaboration with machine tool, high speed spindle, bearing, linear guide and drive system manufacturers enabled Lubcon to develop tailor-made and multifunctional lubrication solutions.

“Lubcon offers an ideal combination of premium lubricants and extremely robust, automatic lubrication units to reduce maintenance costs and downtime and support an optimum manufacturing process in metalworking. Their lubrication systems lubricate machine components such as high-speed spindle bearings, linear guides, ball screws etc. with the proper lubricant quantity, at the right time and at full machine capacity.”

Besides the main manufacturing plant in Mintal, Germany the family-owned company has modern manufacturing plants in Poland, USA and the Philippines.

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