Latest Widia tooling catalogue available

Widia has published its Advances 2019 product catalogue, which is now available in the UK from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC). The 100-page publication contains information on newly developed products and extensions to Widia’s range of solid carbide and indexable tooling.

Introduced within the catalogue are various indexable milling, solid-carbide milling, hole-making and turning product lines. A particular highlight is the Widia VSM890-12 series of shoulder and face-milling tools. This eight-edged, double-sided indexable range is said to be one of the very few economic industry solutions that provide true 90° milling. Weldon end mills and shell mills are available from 32mm to 250mm diameter featuring a variety of insert grades and geometries to suit all material types.

Complementing the VSM890-12 is the newly developed VXF high-feed milling range. As part of the Victory X-Feed portfolio, the VXF will be available with 7mm and 12mm insert designations. Suitable for high-feed roughing, the VXF incorporates an optimised tool body and chip-gash design that maximises rigidity and performance with good swarf removal characteristics.

Alongside the VXF offering is an extended range of 70NS solid-carbide end mills. The six-flute 70NS with 3xD cutting for circular plunging, ramping, facing and pocketing, has been optimised with a newly devised geometry design that includes a larger radial engagement for the high-feed machining of exotic materials. Further products added to the milling range include the GP series, and 4U50 and 4U80 end mills for rough machining in the aerospace industry.

As part of the enhanced turning platform, Widia has introduced its WGC range of parting and grooving solutions. The WGC platform offers a complete series of tool bodies, blades and insert sizes that are available in a range of geometry styles and grades.

Widia has also added to its portfolio with the enhanced Top-Cut 4 and TDMX drilling ranges. Although both are existing product lines, a redesign of the TDMX now sees a completely new insert geometry and an enhanced drill body that simplifies insert changes while adding even greater rigidity and stability. Furthermore, the polished-flute TDMX is now available with 3xD, 5xD and 8xD designations for drilling holes from 16mm to 40mm diameter.

The 100-page cutting tool publication is available in print, upon request, or digitally via the ITC website. For manufacturers imbued in the aerospace industry, Widia will be publishing an ‘all-inclusive’ catalogue later in 2019 to showcase the tooling solutions and optimal machining strategies for this industry sector.

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