Lantek announces collaboration with Euromac

Manufacturing software provider Lantek has announced a collaboration agreement with Italy-based Euromac, a supplier of CNC punching systems, benders, and automated sheet metal systems. The agreement enables control of the sorting cell programmed with the Kuka KR 10 robot. It uses Lantek Expert Punch-Plus and Lantek Stackmaster to automate the unloading line for parts and their subsequent palletisation and storage.

Euromac’s sorting cell

The Lantek software systems are responsible for the whole process, which starts with programming the CNC punch. During the punching process, the machine ejects/unloads the parts through a hatch. The parts then pass along a conveyer belt to an AI vision table, where a camera detects the orientation of the fallen part. The software uses this information about the shape and orientation of the part to control the robot’s suction cups, positioning and activating them to pick up each part. The robot finishes by rotating and placing the part in its correct location on the storage pallet.

The full control of the punching and palletising process makes it possible to automate the whole production cycle for large volumes of parts, allowing production to be completely unattended.

“The close collaboration between Euromac and Lantek is a significant step forward towards the full process automation of punching lines and the subsequent palletisation of the parts, using state-of-the-art technology such as artificial vision systems and robots. This technology maximises production speed and flexibility and improves workers’ conditions and safety”, stated Francisco Pérez, director of the OEMs channel at Lantek.

Sales manager at Euromac, Ferrán Villanueva, commented: “For us, this is a great opportunity to use Lantek software for the Kuka KR 10. It will allow us to optimise the processes, reduce times and achieve efficient operation, guaranteeing the highest quality and tightest response times from this robot, one of the most cutting-edge on the market.”

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