Kitamura SupercelL-300G 5-axis, horizontal flexible manufacturing cell

The Kitamura SupercelL-300G 5-axis, horizontal flexible manufacturing cell has a 20-station APC with work ID system and 174-tool matrix style tool changer. Packing 20-pallets into a 3 835mm wide footprint, the Supercell-300G is a space saving production center with the ability to run small to medium sized, highly complex parts completely unmanned.

With up to 80-pallets available Kitamura’s integrated work ID system employs an IC chip on each pallet allowing for storage and communication of pallet work data quickly and accurately to the easy to operate pallet scheduling sub menu.

Pallet table size is 200mm round with a maximum height of 200mm. The uniquely integrated design of the pallet pool system out front of the machine allows easy access and easy visibility of all pallets simultaneously for easier part set up and quality control.

Kitamura’s Automatic Work Handling Robot is exclusively designed for the Supercell-300G, allowing for smooth and swift pallet change out, reducing pallet load and unload times for precise and safe JIT operation for highly mixed production runs.

The SupercelL-300G is designed with a 360° rotary table combined with a highly rigid integrated trunnion table with an A-axis travel of 30° to -120° for maximum flexibility in positioning the workpiece closer to the spindle. The 4th and 5th axis employs ultra-high precision roller gear cam technology along with a hydraulic clamping system designed to tackle more complex 5-axis simultaneous machining with unmatched stability and accuracy.

The standard 20 000rpm, built-in, dual contact spindle offers the benefits of high speed, smooth precision and the ability to handle a variety of exotic materials often found in the medical, aerospace and general machining industries. The horizontal spindle design brings with it increased rigidity and easy accessibility to the workpiece when compared to a spindle unsupported in the vertical position.

The Supercell-300G also offers the advantages of exceptional chip management for greater levels of accuracy, increased productivity, better surface finishes, quick part change over and longer tool life when compared to a vertical machining center. Positioning accuracy is ±0.002mm full stroke and repeatability is ±0.001mm.

Significant magazine tool capacity and ease of use can be found in the 174 tool matrix style tool changer (up to 314 tools available). The matrix magazine handles tools up to 350mm in length, 150mm in diameter and weighing 10kg. Kitamura’s patented high-speed, fixed pot ATC system ensures proper tool identification, matrix design means quicker (1.3 second) and smoother tool changes when dealing with more complicated parts that often times require a large number of tools.

Additional Kitamura stand-out features such as linear scale feedback in all axes, high speed rapid feedrates of 60m/min, 67 million pule encoder technology and Kitamura’s original icon driven Arumatik-Mi CNC deliver super-fast, super-smooth processing for optimum simultaneous machining of multi axis parts and complex parts completely unmanned.

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