King Bull appointed distributor for Schumacher threading tools

Although threading tools (taps and forming taps) manufactured by German specialist manufacturer Schumacher Precision Tools GmbH have been available in South Africa for some time it has always been on a limited basis. That is until now.

Industrial product distributor King Bull Industrial Supplies and Sales has been appointed to be the official marketing agent and distributor of Schumacher’s specialist products in South Africa and in future products will be available ex-stock from the company’s facility in Edenvale, Gauteng.

Schumacher Precision Tools was established in 1918 and is internationally recognised for developing and manufacturing thread tools that are widely used in the automotive, aviation and general engineering industries.

According to the company Schumacher Precision Tools identified the opportunities of Industry 4.0 at an early stage. For more than 20 years, the company has been involved in the networking of its own production processes, starting with the blank and ending with the finished taps. For Schumacher Precision Tools, the fact that networking can also work cross-border is also reflected in the fact that production in Remscheid, Germany is likewise closely linked with a partner company in South Korea.

Schumacher Precision Tools has similarly been working on the further optimisation of networked production. The aim was to digitally map the entire process of the precision tool manufacturer from order intake, design, simulation, production, QA management, controlling to warehousing and distribution logistics. This has been available since 2016 and is constantly being updated.

Project ToolSimulation for custom made tooling
Based on the comprehensive engineering system ToolDesign, which was developed by Schumacher/GAP, ToolSimulation provides a new platform for the use of custom made rotation-symmetric precision tools. This system will be able to simulate the performance of precision tools that have been designed through ToolDesign by drawing upon clearly defined workpiece and tool parameters to calculate the tooling situation.

Using the variant design method, ToolDesign creates the entire set of tool parameters requested for new tool versions in advance to the simulation process. The results of this process are 3D models of precision tools created by proprietary software, which are fed into the simulation process digitally.

Together with RWTH Aachen Technical University, Schumacher Precision Tools continuously develops the tool management system, ensuring that new tools are developed to match client specific situations, including oversize tools.

The company also carries an extensive stock of pre machined blanks in all variations and geometries and has a service centre equipped with 5-axis CNC thread grinding centers that operates 24 hours a day to ensure new tools are timeously manufactured and delivered to clients.

Stainless steel machining
Schumacher Precision Tools has also recently completed an extensive development study for the machining of sophisticated stainless steels in serial production (ISO groups M1 and M2). The POLAR series – Schumacher’s geometry developed with a German technical university – has reportedly likewise delivered the desired results in all practical tests.

New developments – solid carbide taps and forming taps
In cooperation with partners from the automotive industry, carbide producers and hard-coating experts, Schumacher Precision Tools has developed a solid carbide taps series and an HSS-E/PM forming taps series for use in engine manufacture. These new threading tools have been tested successfully in both blind and through holes when machining ADI crankshafts.

The company has also recently introduced a brand new series of threading tools in very small sizes. These very precise threading tools, ranging from M 0.8 to M 2, can be used for applications in specialised industries where small sizes and close tolerances are key. The company says they are suitable for a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, high-alloyed steels, titan alloys and aluminium.

Over 36 000 different tool types are held in stock by Schumacher Precision Tools. These include the various specialised series:

• High Volume – comprising the most popular and best-selling items
• UNIVERSAL series – a multi-purpose tap geometry suitable for most workpiece materials machined in modern workshops
• NUMERIC series – high-end tools made from PM steel for synchronised tapping operations
• MISTRAL series – specialised in machining aluminium and developed with several German automotive suppliers. Also available for PM steel
• TORNADO series – a PM steel forming tap series
• POLAR series – the PM steel specialist for stainless steel
• Hard Steel and VHM tec – tools made especially for hard materials, partly produced on a solid carbide basis. Also includes solid carbide forming taps

The company also manufactures a range of tooling and tapping holders.

Locally, King Bull Industrial Supplies and Sales will stock the more popular ranges, which according to the company accounts for up to 80% of the threading tools used by machining companies.

For further details contact King Bull Industrial Supplies and Sales on TEL: 011 609 5603 or email