Kennametal’s KOR 5 end mill enables higher feed rates for roughing

Representing the latest innovation in high-velocity aluminium roughing is the KOR 5 solid carbide end mill. Designed for maximum productivity in aerospace machining, with this five-flute end mill table feed rates increase up to 66 per cent compared to commonly used three-flute tools Kennametal says, redefining productivity for aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers.

KOR 5 is aimed at removing large amounts of metal and getting it away from the work zone as quickly as possible. A tapered core, variable pitch design and 35-degree helix serve to eliminate chatter and tool deflection, the company says. Through-tool coolant flushes chips away while reducing heat. The tool’s chip splitter pattern is designed to break up long chips to avoid recutting, while also contributing to better surface quality.

The tool has the potential to become the new standard for machines utilising CAD/CAM tool paths. KOR 5 has more active contact points versus a 2-fluted or 3-fluted end mill because it is a 5-fluted end mill, which creates improved stability and eliminates chatter on even the heaviest cuts. Applying the tool with low radial engagement, but high depth of cut results in much higher metal removal rates than traditional methods. To assure predictable, no pull-out performance at maximum feed rates, the KOR 5 is available with Safe-Lock shanks.

“Slotting, deep pocketing, dynamic milling—whatever your aluminium application, KOR 5 can do it faster,” said Thilo Mueller, Manager for Solid Carbide End Milling.

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