Kennametal’s KBH10B and KBH20B PcBN grades deliver higher productivity and lower cost per part

Make hard turning more cost-effective.

Kennametal offers hard turning KBH10B and KBH20B PcBN grade double-sided inserts for materials up to 65 HRC. The grades are specially designed to deliver higher productivity and longer tool life when turning tool steels and other hardened materials.

“Kennametal’s KBH10B and KBH20B grade inserts are an excellent choice for high-volume production of hardened gears, shafts, bearings, housings and other drivetrain components, where tooling cost per part is an important metric,” said Robert Keilmann, Product Manager, Turning.

“Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PcBN) mini-tipped inserts have long been recognised as a great option for reducing part cost when turning hardened steel components. Kennametal’s PcBN inserts improve upon that value proposition by delivering increased productivity with a lower cost per part.”

Features include:
Patented ceramic binder structure and TiN/TiAlN/TiN coating provides increased wear resistance even at elevated cutting speeds;
A gold PVD coating makes it easy to identify when an insert needs indexing, while the numbered corners assure that a machine operator will not inadvertently switch to a used edge;
Two edge preparations in a ‘trumpet’ style hone for heavier and interrupted cuts, and a light hone for continuous turning are available. Both are free-cutting, further extending tool life and generating surface finishes down to 0.2 Ra.

The PcBN mini-tips are offered in four insert shapes – three rhomboidal and one triangular – which means up to six cutting edges per insert.

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