Kennametal Stellram’s 7792VXE16 high-feed milling tool is capable of pocketing, slotting, and plunging

Kennametal offers its Stellram 7792 and 7793 milling cutters that direct cutting forces axially into the spindle, lessening spindle wear and improving machining stability. Both modern and older equipment can benefit from this cutting tool technology. These Stellram face mills operate at shallow depths of cut and very high feed rates, resulting in metal-removal rates up to 5 times greater than conventional cutters. In addition to high-feed face milling, the 7792 is capable of pocketing, slotting, and plunging.


Also, high-feed milling inserts with the proprietary Stellram X-Grade® technology are available for these milling cutters. X-Grade technology uses ruthenium as a key ingredient, combined with a cobalt binder, for superior thermal-cracking and propagation resistance. The results are metal-removal rates up to three times higher than conventional cutting tools and longer tool life. X-Grade inserts are available in a variety of styles for a variety of applications.

X-Grade inserts are also designed to yield the highest levels of material removal rates in high-performance materials like titanium, as well as other difficult-to-machine alloys such as nickel-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys and titanium-based alloys used extensively in aerospace and energy markets.

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