KASTOwin fully automatic band sawing machine

The KASTOwin tube A 5.0 is a fully automatic band sawing machine which has been specifically optimised for machining tubes. It features a cutting range of 500mm for round materials and a shortest possible cutting length of 10mm. The most important innovation: Compared to the other KASTOwin models, the direction of movement of the saw feed is rotated through 180 degrees and sawing is performed upwards from the support surface. This ensures efficient, precise sawing that considerably improves chip flow and reduces wear on the cutting tools.

Using the frequency-controlled drive, it is possible to adjust the cutting speed continuously between twelve and 150m per minute. Carbide saw bands, of the type required for various tubular materials, can be used with the KASTOwin tube A 5.0 without the need for any further accessories. The saw band is clamped in position hydraulically and is cleaned using a replaceable, electrically driven chip removal brush. The vice and saw feed are equipped with zero-play linear guides, and ball screw spindle drives ensure controlled cutting and material feed movements.

The SmartControl sawing machine controller ensures easy operation. It contains all the material data, and automatically sets all the necessary parameters. The KASTOrespond system, which was developed specially for this system, continuously records the forces at the tool and uses an intelligent algorithm to convert these into feed movements. When special requirements have to be met, KASTO can offer a wide range of accessories for the KASTOwin tube A 5.0, such as a heating and cooling device for operation at temperatures over 40 or below zero degrees Celsius.

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