Kasto Unitower C storage tower for sheet metal

A Kasto Unitower C storage tower for sheet metal is a space-saving tower that stores 3 metre by 1.5 metre sheets, plates, flat products and other materials such as bar, tube, boxes and semi-finished goods in a compact footprint. It offers many advantages compared to conventional storage on shelves, cantilever arms or on the floor.

The tower is especially suitable for job shops, machine shops and small to medium size sheet metal processing facilities, providing flexible storage to a height of up to 7.2 metres. It has a compact footprint of 3,415 x 4,350 mm and the standard version has a storage location every 47 mm.

The pallets holding the sheet metal glide on almost wear-free, plastic-lined tracks when pushed into or pulled out of a storage location within the steel structure. A lift mechanism travelling at the front of the tower effects horizontal transfer of the material as well as traversing vertically between locations at up to 8 m/min.


Depending on design, pallets can support a maximum load of either 1,200 kg or 3,000 kg. The height of the loading / unloading station is adjustable, allowing direct transfer to a sheet metal processing machine or transport cart. This raises production efficiency, improves safety, saves labour and minimises the risk of damaging the material.

Versions of the Kasto Unitower C are available for semi-automatic or fully automatic operation, with appropriate safety measures. The tower is controlled by Kasto’s own BasicControl, which is fitted with a user-friendly touch panel.

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