JIMTOF2018 – One of the world’s foremost machine tool tradeshows

As a global leader in machine tool design and construction, Japan plays a key role in developing and promoting new metalworking technology.

The Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association and Tokyo Big Sight Inc. will host JIMTOF2018, the 29th Japan International Machine Tool Fair at the Tokyo Big Sight international exhibition venue over six days from 1 November 2018 to 6 November 2018.

JIMTOF is one of the world’s largest international technology shows that brings together the most cutting-edge technologies and products. And this is also a comprehensive trade fair of manufacturing representing machine tools and every kind of accessory.

The theme for JIMTOF2018 will be Connect
As is customary the organisers of JIMTOF link the exhibition to an appropriate theme in the engineering field. The theme for JIMTOF2018 will be Connect. Currently, the public and private sectors are proactively deploying various measures to realise “Connected Industries” in which new value is created through different kinds of connections. With this in mind, JIMTOF2018 will be held under the theme of “Connect” and will be providing various initiatives.

With this in mind the organisers are focusing on six main features for JIMTOF2018. They include:

• Connecting cutting-edge technology with the visitors – Enhance the appeal as an international technology trade show
• Connecting the visitors with the exhibitors – Strengthen support for business meetings
• Connecting the technology experience with the visitors – Attractive joint programmes and special exhibits
• Connecting Japan with the world – Strengthen efforts to attract overseas exhibitors and visitors
• Connecting students with the future – Develop projects to secure and foster talent
• Connecting people with a comfortable space – Provide high-quality services to visitors

As a global leader in machine tool design and construction, Japan plays a key role in developing and promoting new metalworking technology. The Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF) packs a lot of product introductions and educational events into a compact, intense event at Tokyo’s eye-catching Big Sight exhibition center.

A specialised machine tools exhibition, JIMTOF has been held biennially since 1962 making JIMTOF 2018 the 29th edition of the exhibition. Products on display include machine tools (metal cutting and metal-forming), machine tool accessories, high speed steel tools, cemented carbide tools, diamond and CBN tools, grinding wheels and abrasives, gears and gear devices, oil and water hydraulic and pneumatic machinery, precision measuring machines and instruments, optical measuring instruments, testing machinery as well as CNC controls and related CAD/CAM software.

JIMTOF is known as the exhibition at which the latest information of various fields of manufacturing becomes readily available. By likening JIMTOF to a tree that keeps growing over many months and years, the key visual depicts the fair as an ever expanding platform that continues to showcase and present to the world the most cutting-edge technology.

As is the case with the European exhibition EMO, a visit to JIMTOF is a must.

For further details visit www.jimtof.org/en