Jetstream Cutting Solutions appointed Jet Edge Waterjet Systems distributor for Southern Africa

Jet Edge waterjet technology includes precision waterjet cutting machines, waterjet pumps, and mobile waterjetting equipment.

Jet Edge, Inc., a leading manufacturer of ultra-high pressure waterjets for precision cutting, coating removal and surface preparation, is pleased to announce that Jetstream Cutting Solutions CC of Johannesburg, South Africa, has been selected as its waterjet systems distributor for Southern Africa.

Jetstream Cutting Solutions carries Jet Edge’s full line of waterjet cutting and surface preparation equipment, including waterjet cutting machines, waterjet intensifier pumps and portable waterjetting systems. The company also supplies genuine Jet Edge OEM waterjet parts and is authorized to service Jet Edge waterjet equipment. In addition to Jet Edge waterjets, Jetstream sells, installs and services other 3-axis waterjet systems and UHP pumps.


“We are very proud to have Jetstream represent Jet Edge in Southern Africa,” said Dave Anderson, Jet Edge international sales manager. “They are a recognised Jetstream system supplier in their market, and their extensive experience with CNC technology and other waterjet systems will be a tremendous benefit to Jet Edge customers. Jetstream already supplies approximately 25 percent of the market in their territory. Jet Edge believes there is tremendous growth potential for our waterjet equipment on the Sub-Saharan African Continent.”

Malcolm Cruickshank, Jetstream’s founder and director, said he decided to carry Jet Edge waterjets after integrating a Jet Edge X-Stream pump with another 3-axis system.

“We know waterjet pumps and we could see this is a quality product. After investigating Jet Edge and checking its customer references, I could see that the companies who were using Jet Edge equipment were serious waterjet users. There was no reason not to use the Jet Edge pump,” said Cruickshank.


“This is a very exciting time for us in that we’re involved with such a world renowned name in the waterjet industry. Our biggest market so far has been the glass industry, but the Jet Edge products will allow us to reach the larger metal cutting industry and to take on specialised projects as well.”

Jet Edge celebrates 30 years
Founded in 1984, Jet Edge entered the waterjet industry during the industry’s infancy.

“We’ve come a long way since 1984. We’ve seen waterjet technology evolve from its 36,000 psi (2,500 bar) water-only past to today’s sophisticated and highly precise 5-axis and robotic systems that can reach pressures exceeding 90,000 psi (6,200 bar),” says Jude Lague, Jet Edge president.

“Back in 1984, or even in 1994, waterjet was such a niche technology that many people hadn’t even heard of it. Today, it’s as common as any machine tool and is used to manufacture countless everyday items, from sliced fruit to titanium joint implants.”

Jet Edge’s newest Edge X-5 5-axis waterjet cuts highly precise 3D parts from virtually any material
Jet Edge’s Edge X-5 5-axis waterjet system with Aquavision Di controller cuts complex taper-free and 3D parts from virtually any material. Featuring Jet Edge’s innovative Permalign Edge cutting head technology, the Edge X-5 dramatically increases your waterjet cutting capabilities by allowing you to produce chamfers, weld bevels and sophisticated 3D parts such as impeller blades – all with a taper-free finish.


The Edge X-5 features an industrial PC controller designed specifically for 5-axis waterjet cutting. The powerful and flexible AquaVision Di Controller features an open architecture design that gives operators the freedom to fine-tune programs from any CAD/CAM/nesting software, utilising standard G&M code. The system’s Intelligent Work Envelope automatically adjusts depending on the angle of the cut to protect the operator, material, and system components.

Like all Jet Edge waterjet systems, the Edge X-5 is designed to provide years of dependable service in harsh industrial environments. Its rock-solid design separates the motion system from the catcher tank, eliminating vibration and ensuring maximum part quality. It is ball-screw driven for optimal precision and features direct-couple AC brushless digital servo motors and single or double carriages. Critical bearing components are protected by heavy metal covers with brush seals and positive air pressure.

The Edge X-5 5-axis waterjet cutting system is powered by a Jet Edge waterjet pump. Jet Edge offers the widest selection of pumps in the industry. 30-200hp (22-149kw), 60,000-90,000 psi (4100-6200 bar); hydraulic intensifier and direct drive pumps are available.

“We were born problem solvers. Our company’s founder, Chris Possis, couldn’t find a satisfactory waterjet pump, so he built his own,” said Lague.


“Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to help hundreds of customers improve their manufacturing processes and we’ve responded to some of the world’s greatest crises, including the Kuwait oil fires, the Kobe earthquakes, and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.”

Jet Edge systems are used around the world in a broad range of industries, from the world’s leading airlines to automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturers, machine and job shops.

For more information contact Jetstream Cutting Solutions CC on TEL: 011 468 1093 or visit