J.A. Engineering completes manufacture and delivery of 12 JAE 20-C shuttle cars for an underground mining client

J.A. Engineering, an emerging South African OEM supplier to the mining industry, have recently completed an order for the manufacture of shuttle cars for an underground mining client in record time.

“We are very proud to announce the ground-breaking achievement that we have achieved. We closed off 2021 by supplying 12 JAE 20-C shuttle cars to a first-time customer. The customer included a penalty clause for late delivery, with a deadline for the first eight Shuttle Cars in just four months and the balance within six months,” Danie van Wyk, CEO at J.A. Engineering.

“J.A. Engineering’s standard lead time for three shuttle cars is six months from date of order, but in this instance, all 12 were available within the 6-month period. This performance exceeded our customer expectations and has built an even a stronger relationship with them.”

Part of the shipment of 12 JAE 20-C shuttle cars for a first-time customer in the underground mining industry manufactured by J.A. Engineering

“The machine mass of a shuttle car is 32 tons and its load capacity is 20 tons. The length of the vehicle is 9.23 metres and the width is 3.78 metres. They include features such as hill hold technology, a proximity detection system, regenerative braking and an optimised drive differential. Operating systems can be customised and there is an optional camera integration facility available.”

“Long known for both designing and manufacturing new gearboxes, as well as its gearbox repair service, J.A. Engineering is a stronger company because of its decision to manufacture product for the mining industry.”

“The company is now being recognised as a full systems OEM provider of underground mining equipment that includes continuous miners, shuttle cars, battery scoops, roof bolters and feeder breakers.”

“We manufacture most of the components and parts for the equipment and we try to keep our import input to less than 10%. We have a very well-equipped 8 000m² head office facility in Jet Park, Gauteng that comprises engineering, administration, machining, assembly and dispatch. 2015 was a big year for the company because we doubled our factory space by purchasing the 4 000m² building next door and we also purchased a company that was doing the majority of our smaller CNC machining work.”

The length of the vehicle is 9.23 metres and the width is 3.78 metres

“Besides manufacturing OEM equipment we also carry out machine inspection, mechanical repairs, gearbox repairs, line boring, boom repairs and shaft repairs for machinery, on the dragline side gear assembly, drum assembly, boom point assembly, full housing repair, fairleads and mast deflecting assembly and for blasthole drills aftermarket single and twin boom parts for various models.”

“We also carry out refurbishing and repair of the components and machines that we manufacture and other brands if requested.”

“All our machines have an African feel to them in that they are named after South Africa’s beloved wild life. Our JAE42 continuous miner, which we introduced in 2016 is known as the Wildcat and our JAE Twin Roof Bolter, which we introduced in 2018 is known as the Honey Badger. We also have our JAE Caracal shuttle car and the low seam continuous miner known as the JAE38 Wildcub.”

The machine mass of a shuttle car is 32 tons and its load capacity is 20 tons

“The success of this latest project belongs to the entire team, that worked hard to exceed client expectations, while still managing to obtain Zero Harm in the process.”

“The past two years took the coal mining industry by surprise, forcing leaders across the mining sector to reset their strategic objectives and priorities. We look forward to another decade of meaningful and valuable relationships with our stakeholders at large.”

For further details contact J.A. Engineering on TEL: 011 397 3237 or visit www.jae.co.za