Iscar’s Multi-Master concave radius disc-type milling heads

Iscar is expanding the Multi-Master interchangeable milling heads line with concave radius disc-type milling heads. Featuring a ground, positively inclined rake face and 6 teeth with T10 threaded connection, the milling heads have a radius profile on both sides and are available in 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm corner radii.

The milling heads feature corner rounding (straight or profiles) and chamfering (less burrs than 45° straight chamfering) on either upper or bottom corners, and are made from IC528, a versatile PVD coated carbide grade. Due to the 6 flute design, the new milling heads can run at very high table feeds and consequently facilitate higher productivity.

Iscar Multi-Master tool line refers to assembled tools that mount exchangeable carbide heads. This line offers new barrel-shaped heads that feature the same cutting geometry and diameter range as SCEM and provide a wide array of options within the Multi-Master line for 5-axis machines. The exchangeable head concept featured in the Multi-Master tool line guarantees rational use of cemented carbide with a true economical advantage. Diverse tool bodies, extensions, and reducers enable the customisation of a modular tool assembly for complex machining projects.

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