Iscar introduces the Helido Trigon line

A new and economical solution for high efficiency milling.

Iscar has introduced a major new development in the field of high-efficiency milling. The advanced new Helido Trigon line H690-07 was designed for the highly productive rough to semi-finish milling, primarily on cast iron and steel components. Each Helido Trigon line cutter body has precise coolant holes directed to the inserts’ cutting edges, to provide the most efficient cooling action.

The new Helido milling cutters, with a 90° cutting edge angle, carry H690 WNMU 0705 trigonal double-sided inserts. The innovative inserts have six positive cutting edges which can be used for up to a 7 mm depth of cut and feature an advanced new cutting geometry. When they are mounted in a cutter body, the inserts’ geometry generates positive radial and axial rake angles, ensuring smooth, efficient milling with soft entry into and exit from the material.


The advanced new inserts are produced from Iscar’s latest Sumotec carbide grades, which significantly increase productivity. The winning combination of highly effective geometry, innovative carbide grades and six cutting edges, enhances productivity and reduces machining costs.

The new Helido trigon tools provide users with a highly efficient, cost effective solution to milling applications regarding price per cutting edge. The new tools are an excellent choice for general milling applications. They are able to efficiently machine 90° shoulders up to a 7 mm depth, and perform slotting, ramping down, helical interpolation and facing operations.

Iscar’s new H690 WNMU 0705 inserts are available in the following configurations:

• H690 WNMU 0705PNR-MM – insert with six right-hand cutting edges, intended mainly for milling steel.
• H690 WNMU 0705-PNTR – a general-use insert with six right-hand cutting edges for milling a variety of cast iron and steel grades.
• H690 WNMU 0705PNN-MM – an insert with six neutral cutting edges, intended for machining steel.

Helido H690 EWN endmills are available in 32 and 40 mm diameters, whilst the H690 FW face mill variants are available in a diameter range of 50 to 125 mm, in both coarse and fine pitch configurations.

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