Iscar expands its Penta-IQ-Grip parting and grooving range

Following the successful introduction of the cost effective Penta-IQ-Grip 5 cornered D40 inserts, new users quickly appreciated the inserts’ performance, extended tool life and the resulting levels of profitability.

Prompted by global demand, Iscar has now expanded its Penta-IQ-Grip line with the inclusion of 22 and 32mm diameters. Both inserts are 2mm wide and are ideal for parting up to 22 and 32mm bar diameters.

Penta-IQ-Grip inserts, featuring five cutting edges and available in 2 and 3mm widths, are designed for parting up to a 40mm part diameter or up to a 20mm depth of cut.


A dovetail wedge clamping system is designed to provide stable Penta-IQ-Grip insert clamping, secure edge indexing and rapid insert replacement. In addition, the robust structure enables the application of high machining parameters, resulting in reduced cutting time. The system is designed for enhanced straightness and surface finish characteristics in parting applications.

The new 22mm inserts feature a “J” type chipformer, whilst the 32mm inserts feature a “C” type chipformer and both sizes are available with neutral, left- and right-hand frontal edges. The new Penta-IQ-Grip inserts are mainly intended for efficient parting-off.


• Innovative dovetail clamping structure ensures a most stable insert clamping
• Excellent straightness and surface finish for parting applications
• Clamping mechanism enables quick and easy cutting edge and insert indexing
• Superior insert lifetime, twice the life of a double-sided insert
• Enables machining at high machining parameters, resulting in reduced cutting time
• C and J-type chipformer for a variety of machining and material applications
• Produced from grade IC808G; a hard, fine grain substrate with excellent chipping resistance, TiAlN PVD coating. Provides high wear resistance
• Size 22mm and 32mm can also be used on popular Swiss-type and small CNC machine tools

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