Innovative locally-developed face shield ready for market

Joining the campaign to flatten the COVID-19 curve are three progressive KwaZulu-Natal-based technology companies Akhani 3D, Progressive Components and MATelec. The three companies are contributing by combining their design and engineering expertise to develop a high-quality, affordable and reusable face shield, ideal for essential services personnel and healthcare providers.

Product development, prototyping and bridge manufacture of the lightweight protective shield has been driven by the team from Howick, KwaZulu-Natal-based Akhani 3D.

On a normal day, they’re focused on providing a comprehensive production and industrial 3D printing and finishing service to a diverse customer base across Southern Africa. However, with the national lockdown placing limitations on their services, the three companies have embraced the chance to make productive use of their facilities and knowledge.

“Our motto is ‘Make Possible’ and, with our partners, Progressive Components, who have steered the product development and optimisation for injection moulding, manufacture of tooling (mould), plus the production and packaging of the shield frames and bands, and Matelec, who have driven the production of the visors, plus packaging and distribution of the final product, we’re set to go to market with a quality, affordable protection product,” commented David Bullock, MD of Akhani 3D.

“Features of the bespoke face shield include a lightweight comfortable design, a re-useable frame with replaceable PETG visors that are optically clear and easily sterilised,” continued Bullock.

“The high-quality visors are manufactured in a state-of-the-art injection moulding facility in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal using FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved materials and are affordable.”

Giving back
“We, as a team, have decided that a percentage of every sale through the website will go into a fund to produce additional face shields for those who are unable to afford it. These face shields will be donated to hospitals, communities and factories that require such PPE products,” said Bullock.

“As a team, we have been very excited to be able to collaborate and produce a product that will be an additional preventative measure in attempting to slow down the spread of the coronavirus with the possibility of contributing to our communities in a real way, in such a short period.”

The face shields are available in packs of 50 – visit for more details.