IMS Software, ModuleWorks, Mastercam collaborate on G-Code simulation

IMS Software, ModuleWorks and Mastercam have collaborated on the development of IMSce for Mastercam. The software solution extends the Mastercam machine simulation with G-code parsing and verification for diverse machine tools and controllers.

IMSce for Mastercam combines IMS G-code emulation with the ModuleWorks simulation and post processing technology to provide a G-code parsing solution that connects directly to Mastercam. The solution enables Mastercam users to simulate and verify G-code including controller variables, sub-programmes, expressions and canned cycles for a wide range of machine tools before the workpiece is mounted on the machine.

Julia Meyer-Hendricks, head of business development digital manufacturing at ModuleWorks, says, “There is big demand for G-code simulation and it’s great to see how the technologies of different companies are being combined to create value-adding solutions for the industry.”

Dan Wrenn, president and co-founder at IMS Software, adds, “Integrated G-code simulation and verification is a major step forward in complex multi-axis machining, improving code quality and dramatically reducing overall programming time versus traditional standalone solutions.”

Stas Mylek, partnership programme manager at Mastercam, says, “We are excited to work together with these industry leaders to offer G-code simulation running inside Mastercam for a wide range of machine tools and controls. As a result, Mastercam users can leverage digital twin technology to simulate and validate their CAM programmes, particularly for multi-axis applications, prior to running on their CNC machines.”