Ikusasa CNC training facility is now merSETA accredited

As machine tools have become more sophisticated (and expensive) and as tolerance for errors of any kind in the machining process approaches zero, more formal training programmes are becoming a more attractive training alternative for small shops as well as large manufacturing concerns.

The founders of Ikusasa CNC Training Centre recognised this fact and launched the company just over a year ago with a specific aim to train employees in G-Code programming, CNC setting and CNC machine operating. This vision of industry specific training has now expanded to include those that may not have the computer or machine skills required to participate in the above training courses. Training programmes for other areas associated with CNC machining that are necessary for an individual to become a skilled and competent CNC operator are currently being developed.

The company has announced that their CNC training facility is now merSETA accredited.

“Although we have always upheld our training to the highest level, we now fulfill the merSETA requirements. I am proud to say that we have been accredited by the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority and that we are excited to teach the valuable skills needed in the engineering industry that will contribute to creating jobs in South Africa.”

“We employed two full time Merseta moderated trainers to run our courses and have had to call on the services of a further two trainers regularly such has been the demand. Our courses have always been moderated by Merseta and as a result we have now received their accreditation. Coupled with our Level 2 B-BBEE rating companies are able to claim back their skills levy if they send employees to us to be trained.”

Candidates completing the courses at Ikusasa CNC Training Centre will be skilled in G-Code, CNC setting and machine operating and the importance of tooling when machining. This includes the essential machine operations of cutting speed, the role of the toolholder, the purpose of a cutting tool coating and various other machining-related tasks that a machine shop will require. All of which are areas of machining that influence how quickly an employee can assimilate new tasks and respond to new challenges. Candidates are also trained practically on a CNC lathe and a CNC mill.

“Certificate holders will be able to gain entry to highly-skilled sectors in the mechanical engineering and the machine tool industry. While completing our courses they will also gain an insight into other areas such as pneumatics and hydraulics, robotics, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Computer Numeric Control (CNC), industrial Information Technology (IT), CAD and CAD/CAM software and measuring, which can open up further opportunities.”

For further details contact Ikusasa CNC Training Centre on TEL: 011 663 2600 or visit www.ikusasatraining.co.za