Hyundai Wia’s HS6300 high-speed horizontal machining center plus PLS (Pallet Load System)

The Hyundai Wia HS6300 horizontal machining center (630mm pallet) features a ‘T’ all-in-one structure bed designed with ample bed height and casting thickness to ensure the optimal level of rigidity. The double wall structure of the column is designed to prevent heat transformation, proving excellent in cutting performance and accuracy.

The Hyundai Wia high-speed horizontal machining center has a maximum work area of 1 000mm high x 930mm diameter. Combined with long axis travels (XYZ travels are 1 050mm by 875mm by 875mm), machining of larger size parts is achieved. Its rapid traverse and cutting feed rates of 50 metres per minute in all axes reduces both non-cutting, and cutting times to achieve high productivity. The HS6300’s standard 2-step gear-head spindle has 8 000rpm with 22kW power, producing 781NM of torque, with a built-in 12 000rpm and 30kW spindle as an option.

By using ultra precision class angular ball bearings, fast acceleration and deceleration of the main spindle is achieved. The spindle head is designed to minimise heat displacement, and with the use of a hydraulic tool lock system the machining stability has been increased, therefore reducing growth in the spindle and making it possible to maintain high accuracies. Increased rigidity and stiffness of the spindle is accomplished through the use of angular contact bearings.

The HS6300 has two pallets of 630mm by 630mm and a maximum load capacity of 1 200kg. The HS Series machines are equipped with a rotary shuttle APC (Automatic Pallet Changer) as standard.
The pallet can be rotated in the load station for quick and easy load/unload of machined parts. The setup station rotates freely with lock positions at 90 degree increments for easy loading and unloading of work.

Automatic tool changer
The double arm ATC provides fast and reliable tool changes to help reduce machining cycle times.
The tool magazine holds 40 tools as standard with up to 120 tools as an option depending on machine model. Random access allows for pre-staging of tools for faster tool changes and increased productivity.

The Fanuc System 31i-A is the standard controller. The HS6300’s base structure was designed through the use of finite element analysis method, incorporating a rugged single piece cast bed. It was also designed with a wide and rigid roller guide way system on each axis which helps to improve high speed traverse with low friction.

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