Hyundai Wia XF 6300 5-axis machine offers a “box on box” design and direct-drive spindle

Machine built for full 5-axis precision.

Hyundai Wia’s XF 6300 5-axis machine employs a “box on box” design that contributes to accuracy. It is designed for full 5-axis applications that require keeping the tool centre point in contact with the workpiece.

According to the company, a rigid machine structure facilitates accurate, consistent metal cutting. The 30.5kW, 15 000rpm, direct-coupled spindle is driven directly by the motor. This construction simplifies drive system structure and reduces noise, vibration and heat generation. This make the machine suitable for aerospace and medical work as well as any application requiring multiple axes and stringent surface finish specifications.

Tool change time is 4.5 seconds chip-to-chip, and the tool magazine accommodates 34 tools (68 and 102 tools optional).

The machine is equipped with Hyundai Intelligent Control (i-TROL), an operating environment paired with the Siemens 840D control. The three essential operations for machining are: Programme check, tool measurement and coordinates system setup. Hyundai-iTrol provides all three of these operations in consecutive order to prevent error and to enable quick and easy setup. Tool and spindle monitoring can also be performed with a simple operation.

The machine also features the company’s All-In-One mould package, which provides cutting air blow, auto power off, heat distortion compensation and an automatic tool measuring device.

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