Hyundai WIA has announced that it has released a total of 22 new machines

“Hyundai Wia previously launched the 5-axis XF series that has been recognised for its precision, performance and quality. However, this time, the company plans to re-establish its position by rebuilding its line-up with market leading products from entry models to premium models by releasing a large number of low and mid-priced products with excellent performance,” said a company spokesperson.

The spokesperson continued, “In particular, for small and medium-sized companies whose financial situations may have become difficult due to the recent coronavirus, Hyundai WIA’s new cost-effective line-up of lathes and machining centers are expected to be good news for continued production and operation.”

Representative of the new lathes is the SE2200 series of small horizontal lathes. The line-up of the SE2200 series consists of 6’ to 10’ sizes comprised of 19 models that can process short components to long shafts. Models are available with live rotary tools, sub-spindles and Y-axis. Enhancements have been made to the design of the bed, guideways, spindle, turret and tailstock. Cutting speeds and feeds of up to 36m/min decrease cycle times and boost productivity.

The KF-II machining center series is the successor to the KF4600, KF5600 and KF6700 launched in 2016. The main feature of the KF-II series compared with previous generations is the significantly improved performance of the spindle and travel. In the case of the spindle, vibration is reduced through optimisation of the spindle weight and structural analysis for greater precision machining.

In order to improve the travel performance, rigidity was improved 1.5x by designing three rows of ball screw support bearings. In particular, the Z-axis ball screw has increased durability by reducing the spindle weight and improving the bearing cooling mechanism.

All of Hyundai WIA’s new machines incorporate the latest controller from Fanuc. The Fanuc 0i PLUS will be equipped with a 15″ touch screen monitor as standard and provide various convenience functions such as a dialogue programme, called Smart Guide i, as standard. With the KF-II series, it includes functions to provide high performance and user convenience such as 200 block look-ahead function (AICC), processing condition selection function (HW-MCS) and active feed control function (HW-AFC) as standard.

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