Hypertherm’s ProNest 2019

Hypertherm’s ProNest 2019 is a major version update of the company’s advanced CADCAM nesting software for automated cutting. This new release contains more than a dozen new features and enhancements designed to make customers more efficient and profitable. New features include:

• Raster to vector conversion to quickly convert jpeg and similar images into CAD files for cutting
• Fly cutting for faster laser cutting on thin material, and the ability to pierce without slowing down or stopping the cutting head
• Design2Fab® 6 integration so customers cutting sheet metal can access fittings directly from ProNest
• Drag rotation for faster manual nesting and even better plate utilisation, especially when nesting around the contours of larger parts

“Regardless of cutting method – plasma, laser, waterjet, oxyfuel, or combination punch – ProNest 2019 builds on an already strong foundation to ensure customers have the features they need to improve their productivity and profitability,” said Tom Stillwell, Sr. product marketing associate for Hypertherm CADCAM software products. “At the same time, this new version continues to include features that more fully automate the cutting process and expand user capabilities through smart factory and Industry 4.0 integration with ERP/MRP systems and a host of other supporting software.”

ProNest software is selected by more cutting machine manufacturers than any other brand. It is the only software with full support for Hypertherm SureCut technology, including True Hole, Rapid Part, and True Bevel, plus easy setup, and optimised process parameters.

In addition, Hypertherm is releasing upgrades to its ProNest LT and ProNest LTS software for lighter production environments. Users with an active software subscription can upgrade to the new version of their respective product at no additional charge and continue to receive unlimited technical support, and other benefits.

For more information contact contact Craig Sterly of Hypertherm on email craig.sterly@hypertherm.com or visit www.hypertherm.com