Hurco’s new TMX8MYSi CNC lathe with Y-axis and driven tooling

A new range of four driven-tool CNC turning centers has been launched by Hurco.

The models include 8-inch and 10-inch chuck versions with the option of a programmable W-axis to position the tailstock or sub-spindle.

The new TMX turning centers offer higher specification and performance than the well-established and popular TMi and TMMi models. The major differences are higher power and speed plus a larger, heavier machine frame and the addition of a Y-axis in addition to the W-axis axis to allow more versatile machining.

The servo-driven turret carries 12 VDI 40 radial tools rather than axial tools as on the TMMi range. Each station provides a peak output of 6.3kW and 5 000rpm. Hurco’s V11.xx software allows the manufacturer’s proprietary conversational routines to be used for milling operations, making the package very attractive for small-volume production.

The Hurco TMX8MYSi is part of Hurco’s signature line of turning centers. It is a true slant-bed lathe with all-digital drives and motors with absolute encoders on all linear axes. With increased travels, more horsepower and torque, increased rigidity, faster rapids, faster acceleration/deceleration rates, and a programmable tailstock, the TMX turning centers are built for rigorous cycles. The TMX8MYSi slant-bed lathe comes equipped with a radial live tooling turret and Y-axis. It has many of the design specifications required for high performance turning while providing superior surface finish capability.

The rigid one-piece machine base casting is designed to yield excellent static and dynamic performance in addition to outstanding dampening properties that inhibit thermal deformation and twisting, providing a more rigid turning center than competitive models in its class. The generous turning diameter and turning length allows for a wide range of part sizes and applications.

The main specifications include travel (X,Z,W,Y) 286mm by 560mm by 640mm by 55mm, maximum turning diameter of 336mm, maximum turning length of 530mm, maximum bar capacity of 40mm, spindle of 5 000rpm/6kW and live tooling.

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