Hurco HM1700Ri horizontal machining center for maximum efficiency

The Hurco HM1700Ri (XYZ travels of 1 700mm by 1 000mm by 900mm) CNC horizontal milling machine is designed for maximum efficiency and is equipped with pre-tensioned, dual ballscrews for increased rigidity. The large, front and side access doors allow for easy operator use. It is fully equipped with an 8 000rpm motorised spindle and suitable for a wide range of applications. The HM1700Ri is also equipped with a direct drive B-axis torque table.

“With fast rapids, large work cube and unique frame design, the HM1700Ri allows complex production parts to be machined efficiently and accurately,” said a company spokesperson.

The Hurco HM1700Ri is equipped with the Hurco control powered by WinMax software and the patented motion system called UltiMotion.

“The control helps machinists and job shops be more productive and profitable by supporting many programming methods: conversational programming; NC programming; and a Hurco-specific feature called NC/Conversational Merge that optimises efficiency even further. The Hurco control’s technical specifications include 4 GB RAM, 128 GB solid state drive and 10 000 block look-ahead.”

“UltiMotion reduces cycle time and improves surface finish quality by determining the optimal trajectory to run the tool and providing consistent programmed feedrates. With up to 10 000 blocks of dynamic variable look-ahead, UltiMotion is smart enough to adapt as required by the tool path and achieves cornering velocity that is 2.5x faster than conventional motion. UltiMotion is different than the smoothing features offered by CAD/CAM software and improves upon CAM output by providing better handling of the machine mechanics and dynamics. Hurco equips UltiMotion on all Hurco CNC machining centers and it works automatically without any set-up required.”

The Hurco HM1700Ri has a table size of 1 700mm by 914mm, can work a load of up to 3 000kgs and has a spindle speed of 26.4kW.

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