High Tech Machine Tools to cooperate with Open Mind to market hyperMILL CAM solution

hyperMILL is a high-performance, complete CAM solution from Open Mind. 2.5D, 3D, 5-axis milling and mill/turn tasks can be programmed perfectly and precisely with hyperMILL.

“After you decide to purchase a new CNC machine, it is essential to get the software, training and support required to make your investment pay off. Although 5-axis milling is one of the most challenging forms of CNC machining, Open Mind’s hyperMILL CAM software makes it possible for programmers to generate 5-axis NC programmes quickly and easily, with short machining times and high quality surface finish.”

“For this reason we have decided to cooperate with Open Mind Technologies to market their hyperMILL CAM solution in South Africa. Open Mind Technologies has a close working relationship with Mazak and they have many case studies where their CAM solutions have helped customers achieve cutting efficiencies. We have been the exclusive agent in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa for Mazak CNC machine tools for the majority of the time since the company was established in 1990. Mazak is a leader in the design, manufacture and support of advanced machine tool equipment, including multi-tasking, 5-axis, milling, turning and automation solutions with the concept of Done In One, for all metal working industry segments,” said Peter Killian, Managing Director of Hi-Tech Machine Tools.

“5-axis programming does not need to be time-consuming or unreliable. Open Mind’s innovative 5-axis technology stands out clearly from other solutions due to its simple and user-friendly programming, reliable algorithms for collision detection and intelligent collision avoidance.”

Trend-setting 5-axis strategies
“CNC programming has historically caused bottlenecks in 5-axis machining because of the complexities of the surface geometry and the many tool vectors. However, as CAM vendors continue to add features, programming is becoming more adept at creating efficient tool paths in less time. For example, some systems layer 5-axis features on top of a more familiar 3-axis functionality. You begin by generating a 3-axis programme as normal, and then add in the 5-axis moves where the tool is tilted away from adjacent surfaces and avoiding collisions.”

“The trendsetting 5-axis technology in hyperMILL can typically yield time savings of more than 25 per cent while lowering tool wear and increasing contour accuracy for more cost-efficient production thanks to continuous machining. Challenging geometries such as high and steep walls require many different tool inclinations in precisely delineated milling areas.”

5-axis milling is standard
“5-axis simultaneous machining with hyperMILL 5-axis is based on what users are already familiar with: Milling with a tilted tool. Yet the machining process is now quicker, the surface results are better and programming is much less complicated. Thanks to easy programming with automatic collision checking and avoidance, this technology can also be used as a solution for many standard milling jobs.”

“The latest versions of hyperMILL have a range of new features and enhancements including greater blending capabilities, 3D-optimised roughing and finishing, global fitting, rotational abilities for CAD electrode applications and virtual machining simulation. Developed with Industry 4.0 in mind, hyperMILL Virtual Machining enables constant real time bi-directional communication between the machine tool controller and a remote hyperMILL Virtual Machining simulation, significantly improving manufacturing workflow.”

“Headquartered in Germany, Open Mind is one of the world’s leading developers of powerful CAD/ CAM solutions for machine and controller-independent programming. The company develops optimised CAD/ CAM solutions that include many innovative features unavailable elsewhere, to deliver significantly higher performance in both programming and machining. Strategies such as 2.5D, 3D, as well as 5-axis milling, mill/turning, and machining operations like HSC and HPC, are efficiently designed into the hyperMILL® CAM system, providing maximum user benefit and compatibility with all current CAD solutions and extensive programming automation.”

“The Mazatrol SmoothX CNC works in synergy with Open Mind’s hyperMILL.”

“We look forward to offering our clients and other 5-axis machine users a CAD solution for a broad spectrum of machining strategies for surfaces, cavities and special machining tasks. This includes familiar 3D strategies such as Z-level machining or rest machining and 5-axis shape offset roughing and finishing for simple and timesaving programming of shaped and wrapped surfaces. All 5-axis strategies are available in the hyperMILL® interface.”

For further details contact Hi-Tech Machine Tools on TEL: 011 608 0088 or visit wwwhitech.co.za