Hi-Tech Machine Tools to represent milling cutter specialists Hofmann & Vratny and the Freddy Products family of industrial recycling vacuums and coolant filtration machines

Hofmann & Vratny (H&V Tooling) a leading manufacturer of solid carbide milling cutters based near Munich, Bavaria, Germany and UK company Freddy, a manufacturer of industrial recycling vacuums and coolant filtration machines have both recently appointed Hi-Tech Machine Tools to market and service their products in South Africa.

“All the international manufacturers that we now represent are the leaders in their particular aspect of the market. They also cooperate and work with each other in advancing the technology for their particular product. This is why we are proud to be associated with H&V Tooling and market their products in South Africa,” said Chris Killian, Sales Manager of Hi-Tech Machine Tools.

“With innovation at its heart, milling cutter specialists, H&V Tooling is producing tooling today that will help shape the manufacturing world of today and tomorrow. Depending on the application, H&V designs and manufactures cutters for machining steel, cast iron, titanium, Inconel, aluminium, hardened steel, abrasive material, inox and stainless steel. The new EXN1 series was developed to enable potentially easily machinable materials to be safely processed and meet the specific requirements of non-ferrous material cutting.”

Hi-Tech Machine Tools have been appointed to represent milling cutter specialists Hofmann & Vratny

“H&V’s success is based on innovation, a culture of togetherness, open interaction and many years of successful and trusting cooperation with its business partners. H&V focuses on permanent improvement and continuous development of its products, which is also reflected in its comprehensive product portfolio.”

“The company, which was established in 1976, originally manufactured carbide profile milling tools to machine plastic for the eyewear industry. Now it is renowned for its solid carbide milling cutters, which it only started manufacturing in 1989. With a team of almost 100 employees, the company produces around 1.6 million tools in 7 000 variants every year.”

“The variants include end mill cutters, torus cutters, full radius cutters, form cutters, chamfer cutters, roughing cutters, face torus cutters, finishing cutters and micro-cutters.”

Wet and dry machining
“Maximum performance is achieved by using the latest coating technology – Alpha Ferro Platin X – a new high-performance coating. In addition, they have made it their mission to solve the problematic differences between wet and dry machining and have created specific experts where it is most important. Further to comprehensive technological updates, the eight new milling cutter types in the series also fit into the new H&V naming. These are: Performmaker (end mill cutter), Slotmaker (roughing cutter), Chipmaker (trochoidal cutter), Mirrormaker (finishing cutter), Formmaker (torus cutter), Blademaker (face torus cutter), Rowmaker (full radius cutter).”

Hi-Tech Machine Tools will also represent the Freddy Products family of industrial recycling vacuums and coolant filtration machines

“However, the company is constantly developing new products. The EXPK1 series has been developed specially for cutting steel and cast iron. The steel and cast iron material group is a challenging one for milling tools to handle, not least because of the variety of alloys that can be used and all the different properties they have. On the one hand, the tools need to be able to withstand huge amounts of strain, for example due to the high tensile strength of steel (up to 1400 N/mm2) and the unequal structure of cast iron. Yet on the other hand, very soft alloys require geometries that are favourable for cutting in order to ensure that the material can be machined effectively.”

“H&V Tooling have developed a full service around milling cutters which includes a serial production of the highest quality solid carbide milling cutters from diameter 0.1mm up to 32mm. Companies from the medical industry, semiconductor industry, machine and plant construction, aviation, aerospace engineering and, not least, the automotive industry have been using the milling cutters of H&V for many years now.”

Freddy Products
“Recycling coolant has become increasingly important in recent decades, offering clients the chance to rid their workplace of contaminated metalworking fluids, whether they be synthetic, semi-synthetic or neat oils.”

“If contaminated, these have the ability to harm machinery, plus cause significant health and safety issues. With a recycling machine, users can take care of disposal with ease. Freddy Products specialises in producing high-quality coolant and swarf recycling vacuums, renowned for their level of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and longevity.”

“People working in manufacturing facilities (metalworking, milling and machining) that use these oil-based cutting fluids are exposed to the adverse health effects of contaminated fluids and oil mist. Machines used for production applications, such as screw machines and machining centers, centreless grinders, and CNC machines, create fine oil mist, which contains undisclosed additives that are harmful to human health. Ensuring an oil mist-free environment is highly crucial to safety and cleanliness in the workplace.”

“Whether you are using fully synthetic, semi-synthetic or neat oil, contaminated metalworking fluids are detrimental to your health, the environment and business. Reducing the effectiveness, and reducing the life of machine tools can be costly. The finish of your products can be diminished, not to mention the health and safety implications that can be caused by the contaminated coolant, such as skin irritation, rashes and dermatitis. Then there is the cost of purchasing and disposing of your metalworking fluid.”

“Machine coolant never really wears out. Machine coolants and cutting oils become unusable when they become excessively contaminated with bacteria, tramp oil, metal fines, or wastes.”

“A Freddy coolant vacuum recycles your coolant so it can be reused, with filtration down to 5 microns. Sucking coolant straight from your machine tool slump, and returning it for reuse within seconds, it saves you time and increases coolant life – saving you money.”

“Their machines are well suited to companies currently not utilising a fluid recycling system that may be looking to reduce coolant consumption, prolong fluid life, reduce the health risks associated with poor fluid management and even improve machining performance by eradicating the use of contaminated coolant. Additional benefits include the potential to significantly reduce expensive fluid disposal costs, improve tool life and remove harmful contaminants that cause bacterial growth.”

“Hi-Tech Machine Tools represents Mazak CNC equipment, Albrecht precision chucks, hyperMILL software, Blaser Swisslube cutting and grinding fluids, 5th Axis workholding fixtures and Fraisa SA, a family-owned business that offers its customers a complete range of endmills, drills and taps.”

For further details contact Hi-Tech Machine Tools on TEL: 011 608 0088 or visit www.hitech.co.za