Hi-Tech Machine Tools partners with cutting tool manufacturer Fraisa SA

Fraisa SA, a cutting tool manufacturer specialising in milling tools, drills, taps and indexable inserts has appointed Hi-Tech Machine Tools to market the company’s products in South Africa.

“We are proud to announce that we have been appointed as agents to represent this high-end manufacturer of quality tooling. Tools and cutters are a significant aspect in the machining world. They say that a cutting tool only makes up about three to four per cent of the overall cost of a component but without them very little would be manufactured efficiently and accurately. Often you will see a CNC machine standing idle because procurement has not stocked up on tooling and cutters or the wrong one has been ordered,” said Peter Killian, MD of Hi-Tech Machine Tools.

“Automation and productivity have always been the most significant attributes of CNC equipment, and they were the primary selling points in the early days. It was multi-axis interpolation, or the ability to drive a cutting tool through curves and angles, that became the foundation of the next series of technological advances.”

Fraisa milling tools

“Advancements in CNC programming have significantly improved productivity and made the creation of complex geometries easy. These changes in CNC technology profoundly impacted the way that cutting tools were manufactured and how tool and cutter grinding was performed.”

“With their advanced programming techniques, CNC tool and cutter grinders revolutionised cutting tool manufacturing. The ability to control multiple axes and programme complex grinding paths permitted tool designers to create cutting tool geometries that have challenged milling and turning machine tool builders to keep up.”

“Advanced endmills are the best example. Over the past few years, there has been an arms race in the cutting tool industry, with toolmakers offering things like variable pitch geometry and variable helix geometry. These advances would have been close to impossible without modern grinding equipment.”

“However, like your CNC equipment and the many other products and systems involved in shaping or forming a piece of metal, in tooling you also get the cheap and nasty or you pay a little extra and you get quality. We have carefully planned the transition from just being a company that just sells the quality Mazak CNC machine tool brand to one where we can offer the complementing products that make you stand out in your machining operations.”

“All the international manufacturers that we now represent are the leaders in their particular aspect of the market. They also cooperate and work with each other in advancing the technology for their particular product. This is why we are proud to be associated with Fraisa SA and market their products in South Africa.”

A Fraisa MulticutXF finishing tool

Fraisa SA is a family-owned business that offers its customers a complete range of endmills, drills and taps. The toolmaker provides a full customer service offering with logistics, specials, regrinding and recycling of tools. With its headquarters in Bellach, Switzerland, Fraisa has a strong position in Europe and entered the US and Chinese markets in the last 10 years.

The company offers a wide range of tools such as the NX face-finishing milling cutter, high-feed cutting in hardened steels with XFeed-H and the AX high-performance milling cutters, amongst others.

The Swiss family company produces cutting tools for metal cutting processes throughout the global market. Founded in 1934, the company currently employs more than 500 people and is one of the leading manufacturers in this industry.

Fraisa Holding AG is the parent company of the operating Fraisa companies in Switzerland and abroad. Besides Switzerland the company has production sites in Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, the US and China.

“Advancements in CNC machines and programming have altered the way that manufacturers make and use cutting tools. Engineers and toolmakers are focused on chip formation theory, and grinding machine dynamics are no longer the limiting factor in cutting tool design. The next wave of advances likely will involve cutting tool materials and the abrasive tools used to manufacture them. We can still look forward to many exciting developments in all aspects of machining and metal removal. We want to be at the forefront of these advancements and this is why we have set up partnerships with the leading Japanese and European manufacturers.”

“Hi-Tech Machine Tools represents Mazak CNC equipment, Albrecht precision chucks, hyperMILL software, Blaser Swisslube cutting and grinding fluids and 5th Axis workholding fixtures.”

For further details contact Hi-Tech Machine Tools on TEL: 011 608 0088 or visit www.hitech.co.za