Hexagon unveils wireless laser scanner for on-machine part measurement

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched a wireless multi-sensor laser scanner with metrology levels of precision, designed specifically to work inside CNC machine tools.

The m&h LS-R-4.8 can capture around 40 000 measurement points a second – compared to the status quo of taking individual points with traditional touch probes – and securely transmits the data to the receiver, via radio, which enables operators to change the sensor automatically without manual intervention.

Measuring on the machine tool, whether for workpiece inspection, temperature, or tool control, is a valuable source of information in the machining process. With this data, workpieces can be controlled before, or even in between, machining. In this way the quality of products can be assured, and measurement results used to flexibly improve production – for example through automatic part alignment. These small improvements accumulate to improve production efficiency.

The wireless scanner will remove bottlenecks by taking inline measurement for in-process enhancements away from CMM machines. In modern production, manufacturing often must stop until the results come in. This new wireless laser scanner provides quick measurement on the machine tool, and the results are quickly sent to relevant areas of the production, such as quality engineers or production managers.

Capturing 40 000 measurement points a second provides information about the complete part, rather than just selected individual points. This enables users to evaluate production quality, enhance production processes by identifying problems early, better align the parts for steps later in the workflow, and an insight into the complete part quality.

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