Heidenhain’s monitoring system connects control with PCs, mobile devices

Heidenhain’s StateMonitor connects the company’s TNC controls with PC systems to enable users to view data and evaluate control processes remotely and in real time. It is designed to highlight data usage and timesaving workflow methods as well as provide transparent processes. Users can configure the system per project requirements and use it as needed.

With the TNC 640, Extended Workspace and State Monitor, the specialist in the workshop has all information clearly in view

The system captures, visualises and evaluates the status of connected machines and displays it on any networked terminals. It can centrally display the statuses of several machines on a control in production, a PC or a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone. This enables users to leave their machines without losing sight of them and to create NC programmes from an office instead of the shop floor. It can also show the status of connected machines in charts and graphs so users can present up-to-date information in meetings.

StateMonitor is part of the company’s Connected Machining functional package, which combines solutions for the completely individual networking of production. It includes the Heidenhain direct numerical control (DNC) interface, Remote Desktop Manager and the Extended Workspace enhanced display function as well as other applications which TNC uses to receive and use digital job data in the workshop.

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