Heidenhain TNC developments boost machining rates and accuracy

Heidenhain’s Dynamic Efficiency and Dynamic Precision are said to offer innovative control system functionality for faster, more stable and more predictable machining. Around 20-25% improvement in heavy machining metal removal rates and higher levels of surface finish and accuracy are also achievable, says Heidenhain.

According to the company, Dynamic Efficiency functionality combines effective control routines with intelligent machining strategies while also exploiting the machine’s full potential and simultaneously limiting mechanical loads. It achieves this by integrating certain TNC control system functionality that includes: adaptive feed control – to optimise feed rates depending on machining conditions; active chatter control – to reduce chatter and thus permit higher feed rates; and trochoidal milling – which accelerates the roughing of slots and pockets.

Heidenhain’s complementary Dynamic Precision functionality is designed to combat machining errors caused by dynamic machine movement. It is said to improve machining accuracy through a combination of ‘crosstalk’ compensation, active vibration damping and load motion, and position-adaptive control.

Dynamic Precision functionality effectively measures any errors (at the tool centre point) and compensates for them simultaneously via: CTC – compensation of acceleration-dependent position errors; AVD – active vibration compensation; PAC – position-dependent adaptation of control parameters; LAC – load-dependent adaptation; and MAC – motion-dependent adaption.

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