Heavy-duty scanning probe gives Hexagon Metrology CMMs new reach

HP-S-X5 HD sensor available for Leitz PMM-Xi and Leitz Reference Xi machines with Quindos software.

Hexagon Metrology has launched the HP-S-X5 HD scanning sensor, a heavy-duty analogue probe that offers customers better part accessibility and opens up a wider range of scanning applications.

This addition to the HP-S-X5 range is designed to give very high and repeatable accuracy even with heavier and longer probe extensions, accepting styli of lengths up to 800mm and weights to 650g. The HP-S-X5 HD enables coordinate measuring machine (CMM) users to accurately measure small parts as well as features deep inside a workpiece with the same probe head.


“The HP-S-X5 HD is a welcome addition to the sensor range for Leitz PMM-Xi and Leitz Reference Xi ultra-high accuracy machines,” said Ingo Lindner, Product Line Manager for stationary CMMs at Hexagon Metrology. “It will enable new and existing customers to benefit from the flexibility of having more styli options and the improved accessibility and productivity this brings.”

HP-S-X5 range sensors also feature true 3D probing, compensating for probe bend to reduce errors in results. They use a proprietary anti-collision system to protect the head, making them the ideal tools to verify the tight tolerances and complex geometries of mechanical parts. Automatic tool changing capabilities allow styli switches within a measuring program without the need for sensor requalification, while pneumatic clamping of styli ensures fast and reliable changes, increasing productivity and reducing operator burden. The rugged construction of the sensors also makes them virtually maintenance free.


The HP-S-X5 HD is available to order for Leitz PMM-Xi and Leitz Reference Xi machines with Quindos software through local Hexagon Metrology commercial operations.

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