Gühring’s RT 100T solid carbide spiral flute deep-hole drills

The RT 100T drills includes standard drills for drilling depths up to 15XD, 20XD, 25XD, 30XD and 40XD with diameters available from 3mm to 14mm with an exceptional range of diameter increments. The RT 100T demonstrates an outstanding cost-performance ratio whilst permitting the highest cutting and feed rates.

The spiral-flute deep hole drills possess a special flute geometry that is optimised for evacuating chips from deep holes. This is complemented by a coolant duct profile that maximises flow to the cutting edge and supports chip removal.

Complementing the RT 100T is the RT100XF drilling series. Providing unbridled power and outstanding results, the holemaking benchmark will be highlights its incredible speed and productivity. Branded as ‘Extreme and Powerful’, the RT100XF has been developed with all tool parameters optimised to generate outstanding feed rates and metal removal rates. Created to reduce cycle times for difficult-to-machine materials and special applications in series production, the extremely hard new drilling line is resilient to potential breakages.

With a new carbide grade developed for the RT100XF that performs a balancing act between hardness and toughness, the special structure of this carbide grade has a re-sharpening effect, so breakages that normally accelerate tool wear, no longer occur. This is supplemented by the nanoFire coating system created by a specially designed pre-and post-treatment that smooths the coating and makes it more robust.

The design and geometry incorporate early double margin support that perfects the coaxiality to ensure perfect bore size and roundness. This makes the RT100XF the drill of choice for precision, concentricity and performance hole making from 5XD upwards. The through coolant drills are perfect for the drilling of structural and case-hardened steels, free-cutting and heat-treated steels, nimonics, titanium, inconel and hastalloy, making the RT100XF ideal for any machine shop. The drills are available in 5XD and 7XD with diameters from 3mm to 20mm with 0.1mm increments.

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