Gühring’s G-Mold μ milling cutter for high-precision requirements in mould making

Mould making plays a key role in many industries and mould makers place high demands on cutting tools – after all, they are a key component in ensuring product quality. This is why Gühring has presented a new milling cutter range for high-precision finishing requirements. The combination of new geometry, adapted coating system and ultra-hard substrate makes the high-precision milling cutters so successful when used in hardened tool steel.

Maximum angular and fit accuracy
Whether plastic, metal, glass or chocolate, moulding is what turns raw materials into products. Because these moulds produce the surfaces of the finished components, maximum precision is required here: Only a perfectly manufactured mould can produce a final product with tolerances and surfaces that meet the required quality without reworking. For perfect part quality, mould makers rely on tools that guarantee process reliability, precision and repeatability. The Swabian tool manufacturer Gühring meets precisely these requirements with a new range of high-precision milling cutters.

The μ-precise solid carbide milling cutter cutters have a stable core geometry and an optimised flute profile. Both reduce displacement during milling and ensure stability which is reflected in a very high contour accuracy. This makes the tools suitable for finishing high-precision fits and guides with exact angular accuracy.

Safe chip removal during the milling process was another focus during tool development as a basic requirement for good surfaces. The structural dimensions and neck transition geometries of the new milling cutters have therefore been optimised for use in deep and narrow contours. All micro milling cutters in the new range also consist of revolver blanks with GühroJet periphery cooling. With this innovative technology for internal cooling, chips are removed directly and safely from the machining zone by air, minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) or cooling lubricant.

Harder substrate, extremely smooth layer
Because tool and mould making involves machining high-strength and hardened steels, Gühring has adapted its carbide substrate to these materials with the new high-precision milling cutters: The cutting material is now around 200 HV harder and finer-grained. This ultra-hard solid carbide substrate guarantees very good edge stability and thus process-reliable service life in hard machining.

The precision blanks also have optimised shaft tolerances in the h5 range and are μ-precise in diameter, concentricity and roundness. The radius tolerances are even in the range of +- 5 μm. The coating system has also been specially adapted for mould making: A Perrox coating produced using the HiPiMS process makes the tool surfaces extremely smooth and therefore very resistant to wear. Thanks to this combination of carbide, coating and geometry, the new high-precision milling cutters promise a significant increase in performance – both in soft and harder materials up to 65 HRC and even in high-alloyed or powder metallurgically manufactured tool steels.

Every milling application covered
With its new G-Mold μ tool range, Gühring can now cover all milling processes in mould making. The solid carbide full-radius milling cutter “G-Mold μ65 B” and the high-precision torus cutter “G-Mold μ65 T” are perfect for copy milling and finishing of moulds and mould inserts made of hardened steel up to 65 HRC. The cylindrical high-precision finishing cutters “G-Mold μ65 F” for hardened workpieces and “G-Mold μ48 F” for soft workpieces enable the optimal angular accuracy and exact fits when finishing guides and pockets in moulding plates.

The new μ-precise micro milling cutter “MikroMill µ55 U” meets high demands in the micro range: Very high-quality surfaces can be achieved with the tightest tolerances and precise concentricity. An FEM-optimised radius angle transition also ensures maximum radial rigidity and low displacement during micro-milling. The innovative GühroJet internal cooling increases the service life of the tool and ensures process reliability.

The new range offers a high degree of flexibility with over 350 different dimensions, a wide range of full or corner radii as well as corner chamfers and different versions for hard and soft materials. Because quality counts above all in addition to quantity, the tool manufacturer has invested specifically in specialised production and measuring technologies at its site in Germany – for tools that customers in tool and mould making can rely on.

For further details contact Gühring South Africa on TEL: 041 372 2047/46/43/38 or visit www.guhring.co.za