Gühring’s FT 200 U 3-flute drill

When changing the drill in an application vastly improves hole quality and obliterates the cost per hole of the competitor’s drill you’ve just hit an undeniable home run.

In creating a frame component in A36 low carbon steel, a manufacturer was struggling with producing holes that developed a taper from top to bottom, and also poor surface finish. The gummy material did not tend to roll a tight chip, and the resulting chip evacuation challenges contributed to the poor surface finish and led to the addition of four peck cycles per hole.

Gühring’s territory manager brought in a Series 6590 FT 200 U 3-flute carbide drill to tackle the challenges of the inch-deep hole, at 6.2mm diameter. This new drill has multiple design advantages, starting with a specially developed Spiropoint grind which incorporates a unique web thin design.

Combined with the specialised point geometry, the modified flute profile generates the ideal chip form, optimising chip evacuation. The FT 200 U is designed for high-feed drilling with reduced cycle times and reamer quality hole size and finish.

With the coolant-fed FT 200 U drill the customer was able to eliminate all peck cycles and drastically improve their productivity, slashing their cycle time from 17 seconds per hole to 0.8 seconds. There are 10 holes in each part, and Gühring’s FT 200 U drill was therefore able to save more per part for this manufacturer, as well as creating holes with consistent diameter top-to-bottom and vastly improved surface finish.

More information on the 5xD FT 200 U drill can be found on Guhring’s website – https://www.guhring.com/Catalogs/CatalogSelected/226

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