Gühring launches the RF 100 Sharp – new solid carbide milling cutter

Milling soft, tough and high-alloyed materials presents particular challenges when it comes to the tool. If you choose the wrong one, you will end up with chips that stick and jam, causing the tool to break. With Gühring’s sharpest solid carbide milling cutter to date, you don‘t have to worry as you’ll always achieve high-quality machining results.

With a rake angle of 12°, the RF 100 Sharp cuts easily through all soft, tough and high-alloyed materials. Cutting pressure and cutting forces are significantly reduced, enabling reliable machining of materials with a tensile strength of 300 to 900 N/mm² and high ductility. These include free machining and hardening steels, stainless steels as well as tough special alloys and higher-strength aluminium alloys.

One milling cutter – full flexibility for all milling operations
Milling calls for a high level of flexibility. Whether roughing or fine machining, slotting into solid material or ramping with extreme angles, with the RF 100 Sharp, all common milling operations can be covered. One tool for all soft, tough and high-alloyed materials.

From unstable to high-precision cutting on all powerful machines
Whether it’s a powerful CNC milling machine or a power-limited lathe the RF 100 Sharp solid carbide milling cutter is designed to cover all of the different operating conditions and always achieves outstanding results.

Some other advantages include the tough carbide prevents tool breakage, even under very unstable conditions, the AlCrN coating provides optimum wear protection at all cutting speeds, the optimised facet grinding dampens vibrations and increases smoothness and service life and the corner protection chamfer provides more stability and edge strength.

The RF 100 Sharp impresses with its extra-long design (long (DIN) +). This variant is based on the long (DIN) version, but has an even longer cutting edge compared to standardised milling cutters. And you benefit from this in three ways: By reducing your tooling costs when machining deeper depths, you can also use a lower cost tool with a smaller diameter: You save space in the tool magazine and thanks to the flexible use at different depths, you need fewer milling cutters: And you can extend the service life of your tool due to the extra length as you can regrind and recoat the milling cutter more times.

Still not enough?
For even greater depths, the RF 100 Sharp is also available in a medium length version. This version is designed so that the cutting edge (l2) represents more than 50 % of the reach (cutting edge + neck) (l3). This allows you to machine your workpiece with only two cutting paths. The smallest diameter starts at 1mm, meaning that the RF 100 Sharp is perfect for use in the micro range as well.

For further details contact Gühring Cutting Tools South Africa on TEL: 087 015 0200 or 041 372 2047 or visit www.guhring.com