Gühring has launched a new range of milling cutters especially for mould making

G-Mould: Four times more threads when hard milling.

The demands that mould makers place on cutting tools are high. After all, these are responsible for over 90% of the product quality. However, perfect part quality can only be achieved with tools that guarantee process reliability, precision and repeatability. Gühring has launched a new range of milling cutters especially for mould making to meet these requirements.

Whether plastic, metal, glass or chocolate, raw materials only become products through moulding. But because these moulds depict the surfaces of the later components, the highest level of precision is required. Only a perfectly manufactured mould can produce an end product whose tolerances and surfaces have the required quality, even without reworking.

Highest angle and fitting accuracies
Gühring’s μ-precise solid carbide milling cutters have a stable core geometry and an optimised flute profile. Both reduce deflection during milling and ensure stability, which is reflected in a very high level of contour accuracy. The tools are therefore suitable for finishing high-precision fits and guides with exact angular accuracy.

Reliable chip removal when milling is the basic requirement for good surfaces. For this reason, the dimensions and neck transition geometries of the new milling cutters have been optimised for use in deep and narrow contours. In addition, all micro milling cutters in the new range consist of turret blanks with GuhroJet peripheral cooling. With this innovative technology for internal cooling, the chips are removed directly and safely from the machining zone using air, MQL or cooling lubricant.

Harder substrate and extremely smooth layer
Because high-strength and hardened steels are machined in mould making, Gühring have adapted their substrate to these materials. It is now around 200 HV harder and finer-grained. This ultra-hard solid carbide substrate guarantees very good edge stability and thus process-reliable tool life in hard machining. The precision blanks also have optimised shank tolerances in the h5 range and are µ-precise in diameter, concentricity and roundness. The radius tolerances are even in the range of +/- 5µm.

The layer system was also specially adapted for mould making. Thanks to a Perrox coating, which is produced using the HiPiMS process, the tool surfaces are extremely smooth and the wear resistance is therefore very high. Thanks to this combination of carbide, coating and geometry, you can achieve a significant increase in performance with the new high-precision milling cutters, both in soft and harder materials up to 65 HRC and even in high-alloy or powder-metallurgical tool steels.

Solid carbide high-precision full radius milling cutter G-Mould µ65 B
With its high-precision full radius geometry, the new solid carbide milling cutter is suitable for copy milling and finishing moulds. The dimensions range from 0.2mm to 12mm and are graded in 5 different lengths to suit the application.

Solid carbide high-precision torus milling cutter G-Mould µ65 T
The new high-precision milling cutter with torus geometry also impresses when copy milling and finishing hardened moulds. The programme ranges from 0.3mm to 12mm and includes a large number of different corner radii sizes. You have the choice between five different tool lengths.

G-Mould µ65 F and G-Mould µ48 F
Gühring’s cylindrical high-precision finishing cutters G-Mould µ65 F for hardened workpieces and G-Mould µ48 F for soft workpieces enable maximum angular accuracy and exact fits when finishing guides and pockets in mould plates.

MicroMill µ55 U
This new, μ-precise micro milling cutter meets high demands in the micro range. Thanks to the narrowest tolerances and precise concentricity, you can achieve surfaces of very high quality. A FEM-optimised radius angle transition also ensures maximum radial rigidity and low deflection. The innovative GuhroJet internal cooling increases the service life of the tool and ensures process reliability. Choose from a large selection of full and corner radii as well as corner chamfers and three different lengths. The diameters are closely graduated and range from 0.2mm to 3mm.

For further details contact Gühring South Africa on TEL: 041 372 2047/46/43/38 or email info@guhring.co.za