Gühring’s SpyroTec – 90° spiral countersinks with convex cutting edges

Countersink tools have been around the engineering environment for what seems like forever. Gühring has gone to the trouble of reinventing some very old technology and put a new spin on it with new convex cutting edge and a special coating.

Due to the completely new geometry of the cutting edges and the flute form Gühring has developed the outstanding countersink Spyrotec. The axial and radial forces that occur during countersinking operations are strongly reduced due to the newly developed geometry of the SpyroTec cutting edges. Also with hand drills an easy and convenient countersinking is guaranteed. Due to convex different radii of the cutting edges with variable helical pitch they provide a stable and low-vibration countersinking process. Round, precise and chatter-free countersinking is guaranteed.

This new addition to Gühring ’s extensive line of holemaking tools are 90º countersinks designed with a spiral fluted, variable pitch, convex cutting edge, resulting in less vibration and improved hole quality.

SpyroTec’s newly developed cutting geometry significantly reduces the axial force by 60% and radial force by 50%.

The specially designed TiAIN coating ensures a higher wear resistance and high-temperature hardness which guarantee longer tool life of nearly all materials and applications. The titanium aluminium coating stands out for its high level of hardness and good thermal resistance.

Versatile designs for universal application
The Gühring SpyroTec countersink by Gühring is available from stock in all major designs: The complete range includes a version with a straight shank, a version with a 3-surface shank for feeding into 3-jaw chucks and an extra-long version for bridging interfering contours. Gühring also offers sets containing the most popular sizes for the versions with the straight shank and 3-surface shank.

Convex cutting edges
Three different convex cutting edges in combination with three unequal helix angles enable extremely stable and low-vibration cutting processes without any chatter marks. The 5% cobalt-alloyed, high-speed steel makes the tool highly resistant to heat and tempering, giving it a long service life. The tool’s cutting material allows it to be used for almost every material.

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