GF buys machine connectivity software developer

Machine tool developer and manufacturer GF Machining Solutions is buying Symmedia GmbH, a privately owned software developer that specialises in machine connectivity systems. Connecting machines with security is “the basis of the future development of industrial processes,” according to GF’s statement, in which it also described the acquired company as “a key player in factory digitalisation.”

GF Machining Solutions CEO Yves Sera noted that Symmedia will “allow us to speed up and widen the range of the digital solutions we offer to our customers.”

The value of the purchase was not revealed.

GFMS is widely recognised for its high-performance milling machines and electric discharge machines. Notably, however, last year it acquired Microlution Inc., a Chicago-based developer of micromachining products incorporating milling and laser technologies. Now it emphasises that adding Symmedia is a move “in line with its strategy to digitalise its offering.”

Symmedia has 60 employees, and it has developed programme software for more than 15 000 machines over 20 years in business.

It will continue to support and develop connectivity solutions for all types and all brands of machines and factory equipment, and GF Machining Solutions will use Symmedia technology to accelerate its digital transformation by offering complete solutions for factory connectivity in industrial environments.

Symmedia will retain its current management and headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany.