Gear milling event

A first for Sandvik Coromant South Africa

Sandvik Coromant is to host a series of business seminars at its Productivity Centre in Jet Park, Gauteng. The first of these will take place from 18 to 19 June 2014. The first seminar will be a gear milling event entitled: Discover the capability of CoroMill®176.

The seminars will make available new advanced knowledge and production methods that will allow manufacturers to reduce cost while maintaining high quality standards.

Presentations and demonstrations will provide new product information, technical solutions and processes in a variety of metal cutting areas. The programme will include modern cutting tools and application techniques.

The guest speaker will be Henrik Nydahl, a global gear milling specialist based in Sandvik Coromant’s head office in Sweden. Seminar sessions will take place 08h00-11h00 or 11h00-14h00 or 14h00-17h00.

Registration to attend the seminar is now open to manufacturers. To register visit


CoroMill® 176 is an innovative indexable insert cutter for productive gear wheel machining. It is a more cost-efficient alternative to regrindable HSS (high speed steel) tools. Its ability to reach higher cutting speeds combined with user-friendly insert changing will reduce cycle times and cost per component, making it the high productivity gear milling choice.

Coromill 176 is an indexable insert hob that can reduce cutting time by up to 70 per cent through the application of cutting speeds up to four times higher than conventional high-speed steel cutters and a large number of effective inserts.

Coromill 170 is a high-performance cutter claimed to reduce machining times for large gears, while the Coromill 172 disc cutter can machine in flexible non-dedicated machines, such as multi-task machines and machining centres.

Coromill 177 is a segment-built indexable hob with tangential inserts and a segment interface covering modules 10 to 18 (DP 2.540 to 1.411), with a polygon-shaped interface between the segments that ensures precision and high-torque transfer capability.


Grade GC3330 leads the way for cast iron milling
Sandvik Coromant takes cast iron milling to a new level with the launch of insert grade GC3330.

Cast iron milling is the next machining area covered by the new grades with Inveio™ from Sandvik Coromant. Having already introduced the game-changing grade GC4325 for steel turning, the innovative cutting tools supplier now introduces GC3330, a wear-resistant first choice grade for cast iron milling.

With predictable performance becoming increasingly important in many machining processes, GC3330 is meeting the needs of today’s manufacturing. The consistent performance of GC3330 creates opportunities for manufacturers to increase machine utilization as well as removing a lot of metal in a short time without compromising tool life. Minimizing machining interruptions also enables secure unmanned machining.

Inveio – the innovation behind the latest innovation in material science
GC3330 is equipped with Inveio, the latest innovation in material science. The groundbreaking technology uses uni-directional crystal orientation. While the crystal orientation in conventional inserts’ CVD alumina coating normally is random, GC3330 has controlled crystals lined up towards the top surface. This is the secret behind the endurance, predictability and long tool life of GC3330.

Application area
The new insert grade GC3330 is the first choice for both dry and wet cast iron milling, from roughing to finishing. Covering a broad application area, Sandvik Coromant’s new grade can be used in any cast iron milling operation for both grey and nodular cast iron materials. GC3330 is available for a variety of milling cutters for face-, shoulder-, profile-, high feed-, and parting and grooving milling.



Inveio™ – setting the standard for steel turning and cast iron milling
Sandvik Coromant has introduced new insert grades for steel turning and cast iron milling with Inveio; the technical breakthrough in material science that provides inserts with exceptional wear resistance and tool life.

In today’s manufacturing, predictability is becoming increasingly important. Production that runs smoothly, without unexpected interruptions, opens the way for secure unmanned production and high machine utilisation; a cornerstone for profitable production processes.

Following the successful introduction of the insert grade GC4325 in October 2013, Sandvik Coromant now extends that assortment and introduces the new grades GC4315 and GC3330. All three grades feature Inveio that brings endurance, predictability and long tool life to the machining process.

The technical breakthrough
The performance of these grades is made possible by the Inveio uni-directional crystal orientation. Normally, the crystal orientation in inserts’ CVD alumina coating is random. The breakthrough came when Sandvik Coromant found a way to control the crystals, making them all line up in the same direction – towards the top surface. These tightly-packed crystals create a strong barrier towards the cutting zone and chip.

The result is grades with incredible wear resistance and cutting edges that stay in shape for long times in cut. The long, predictable tool life of GC4325, GC4315 and GC3330 enables secure unmanned production with high metal removal rate.

Application area
GC4325 is the first choice grade for steel turning. When GC4325 reaches a limit in metal removal rate due to high speed and long time in cut, GC4315 withstands the high cutting temperatures that occur. GC3330 is the first choice grade for milling in cast iron materials.


Okuma, Partners in THINC vote Sandvik Coromant Partner of the Year
Sandvik Coromant has been awarded Partner of the Year by Okuma America Corporation, Charlotte, NC, a world leader in CNC machine tools, and the Partners in THINC. Okuma distributors ranked Sandvik Coromant the highest among the more than 40 THINC members.

Stellar customer service and an overall commitment to manufacturing productivity were cited as primary reasons for the number one ranking. Responsiveness to customer inquiries, as well as availability and involvement in distributor-sponsored events, were also mentions as factors in this unique recognition.

“Sandvik Coromant is a very highly respected supplier of cutting tools and machining solutions and this is validated by them receiving the highest overall rating from all of Okuma’s Distributors in 2013. Congratulations to Sandvik Coromant for receiving the highest rating among all of our extremely valued Partners,” said Jeff Estes, Director of Partners in THINC.

For further details contact Sandvik Coromant on TEL: 0860 101 008 or Mary-Ann Germishuys on TEL: 011 570 9615 or email: or visit