Gamor hydraulic and pneumatic tapping machines

If you need to tap in hard materials from M3 to M60 Gamor, a manufacturer based in Spain, will have a machine for you. They offer hydraulic tapping machines, pneumatic tapping machines, electrical tapping machine, drill bit grinding machine, endmill resharpening machines, profile bending machine, section pipe bending machines and forge twisting machines.

Gamor’s hydraulic tapping machines are one of the only tapping machines that taps up to M130 with the most complete series setup and the widest range of optional fittings in its category. The highest accuracy achieved in tapping machines with articulated tapping arm. It allows to work with multiple tools.

Gamor manufactures hydraulic tapping machines that are unique in its set up and faster, more accurate, and more powerful than any other hydraulic tapping machine that can be found on the international market. The arm system assures 100% perpendicularity and being designed as a free floating system there is no risk of torsion like in ordinary tapping machines that use a pantograph arm.

The torque of Gamor’s tapping machine is higher and the indications for tapping capacity that are given by Gamor are for stainless steel and tapping with the maximum size indicated for the model. Indications are real and this tapping machine is capable of cutting thread in hardox and other extremely hard material. This is achieved by a frequence regulation of the hydraulic motor for the speed control and a special 1 to 6 gear reduction that allows a torque of up to 800Nm on the biggest model (Model RHG-4B Vitoria) with a tapping range from 3mm to 130mm.

The reference Gamor gives is for tapping capacity in stainless steel of a resistance of up to 49 HRC Rockwell.

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