Fritz Kosa decides to retire and sell Trimos-Sylvac

When Fritz Kosa established Trimos-Sylvac in 1990 as a family-owned business he was not thinking of his retirement. All he wanted to be is a happy and successful businessman that would service the industry sector that he had chosen to the best of his abilities. He started the company based on many years of experience in the field of metrology and dimensional measuring applications. Through hard work and long hours, he built the business to become one of the most recognised and authoritative in the specialist field of metrology that he was servicing.

From the beginning Fritz’s wife Edith was a shareholder and years later in 2008 his son Michael would join the company as financial manager. It was the beginning of succession plans.

The three talked frequently about technology, future growth, operational efficiencies, and better ways to serve the customer. But, understandably so, they didn’t talk about tragedy. They didn’t ask what would happen if one of them should die.

In 2021, Covid answered that question for them.

What was even harder for Fritz and Edith was that it was their son Michael that was struck down by Covid and we all know what a tragedy it is if your children die before you.

Height gauges distributed by Trimos Sylvac

Fritz took it on the chin and with a heavy heart he continued to run the business. However, now in his 70s Fritz has now decided to sell the business and retire.

“Trimos-Sylvac is in the business of importing and distributing various types of measuring equipment. We are also able to repair most measuring equipment locally in our workshop. Since our establishment in 1990 we have prided ourselves in providing quality products and services to the metrology and measuring industry,” said Fritz.

Our products range from verniers and micrometers to height gauges and large coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). We are agents for some premium international brands such as Trimos, Sylvac, Ernst, Wyler AG, Jenoptik, Kroeplin, IBR, Optical Gauging, Renishaw and Wenzel etc.

“Trimos-Sylvac does business with many major South African corporations across a broad spectrum of industries. These include Consol Glass, Transwerk, Mercedes, Ford, VW, BMW, Rheinmetall and Isanti Glass, Nampac, Bevcan to name a few.”

“The company also supplies several local agents with its products for distribution to local industries and manufacturers.”

“I am also proud to say that the company is debt-free. Not a cent is owed on all this equipment, spares and accessories that we have at our offices in Centurion, Gauteng.”

“Sadly, Michael was taken by Covid. He was my succession plan. This has now changed and I would like to sell the business as a going concern. Those interested can contact me on my cellular phone or via email.”

Audited Balance Sheets for year ending 2019-2020-2021 are available for interested parties.

For further details contact Fritz Kosa on 082 417 7456 or email